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apt-cache policy <package name> shows /var/lib/dpkg/status instead of the repository name

If apt-cache policy shows /var/lib/dpkg/status for a particular package version, then that version is no longer present in any of the currently available package lists. So apt does not know which ...
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rtl8812au-dkms Error during upgrade Ubuntu 24.04

I build a driver for at least a very similar (8821au vs 8812au) WIFI stick. (The standard Ubuntu driver for my stick has not worked for some time so I build a custom one. See...
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Why does `dpkg -S` return `no path found` when path begins with `/usr/lib/` but succeeds starting with `/lib/`?

dpkg -S merely matches the input against the list of paths specified in its database of packages. It's not looking at actual paths or files on your system. In this case, the relevant deb package ...
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