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Horizontal colored lines appearing on display (Ubuntu 22.04)

Update: I managed to get my ticket escalated with Dell technical support and the next tier has been quite helpful. They say Dell engineering has opened a ticket with Canonical and they are working on ...
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Second Monitor not displaying anything 22.04

I have absolutely no idea what actually happened, but after too many hours of messing with this it worked. My computer 100% recognized there was a second monitor in the settings shown above, but when ...
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Cant run Jmeter on Ubuntu - No X11 DISPLAY variable was set

This particular issue seems to be because the DISPLAY environment variable isn't set. This can be fixed with the following export DISPLAY=:0 You can check it worked with echo $DISPLAY # you should ...
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Show content of a window on two screens

I had the same exact issue and I found a slightly different solution than To Do had by using which is a free, secure, online digital conference platform. How I use it: Start a new ...
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Ubuntu 18.04 Displays Issue -> Unknown Display

This command plus a reboot fixed the issue for me. sudo apt full-upgrade -y

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