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1 vote

black screen problem while running Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

I found some help here (I didn't actually read the title before trying things...) For me I think it was related to my nvidia drivers. Some combination of update/upgrade/autoremove/purge nvidia drivers ...
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1 vote

Display stretching issue in surface pro 7 in Ubuntu 24.04

i fixed the resolution issue by using a custom resolution like in my monitor for example my laptops screen aspect ratio is 3:2 so by using a 3:2 resolution i am streching it with no issue.the ...
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1 vote

How to let Ubuntu 20.04.1 recognize an unknown display to adjust its resolution?

The Ubunu 20.04 automatically updated the kernel version from 5.15.0-105-generic to 5.15.0-107-generic yesterday. It incurred the serious problem such as Unknown Display, communication error of Nvidia ...
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