Questions related to compiling software from sources, usually using the "make" command.

In Ubuntu, most software is installed through APT from repositories, which involves copying precompiled binaries into the right system directories. This is generally the preferable method.

However, sometimes it's necessary to compile software from the source code yourself (usually downloaded as a .tar archive). This usually requires running a script in the source directory or using cmake to configure the build environment, and installing extra packages (such as compilers and development libraries) as build dependencies, and then running the make command. Once the binaries have been built, they can be copied to the right locations, usually with sudo make install. Compiling a kernel requires a .config file, and the kernel image and modules to be built and installed.

This tag should be used for questions about compiling software from sources in or to use in Ubuntu, generally as an end user. If you are writing programs in a compiled language and you need help compiling them, you may be better off asking about it on Stack Overflow.

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