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Fail to open terminal from desktop but not from nautilus

The reason could be that you have changed the default python version in your system Open a virtual terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F3 and login with your username and password. If your original python ...
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How to get latest development release info of Ubuntu?

You can get the latest release information from the following: The Ubuntu Blog: https://ubuntu.com/blog The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/uwn/124 The Ubuntu Developer ...
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I'm having trouble installing grapejuice

Grapejuice is a launcher for the popular Roblox platform. To install Grapejuice in Ubuntu run the following commands. sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 curl https://gitlab.com/brinkervii/grapejuice/-/...
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"make" command not working

The only thing you did wrong is to try to get 20 yr. old code to compile/link with modern compilers/linkers. This is not really a project for a beginner, but there are three ways to "fix" ...
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zeek command not found

From your comments, I suspect that the zeek executable is in /opt/zeek. However, your PATH variable doesn't contain that directory, which is why other programs cannot find zeek. So you need to add ...
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How to make `ncdu` show a quick summary of disk usage and exit?

the ncdu webpage lists similar projects at the bottom, one of being tdu "top disk usage" that does exit non-interactively with a text summary (including biggest nested files). Another gdu ...
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How do I get passwords from the keyring in the terminal for usage in scripts?

This is the refined answer I ended up with after reading here, there and testing lssecret: $ secret-tool lookup xdg:schema org.gnome.GVfs.Luks.Password gvfs-luks-uuid {uuid} asupersecretpassword that ...
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