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How can I get rid of the UEFI partition and still boot from the drive?

OK the solution you are looking for is possible but there's a million ways to mess up and leave you with un-bootable system. Furthermore it would be a bad idea because if you later need to remove one ...
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"Invalid system disk" after "There are differences between boot sector and its backup"

How can it possibly be, if not for a serious bug, that restoring a proper, system-generated backup - following a system message asserting This is mostly harmless - bricks the system? Because I'm ...
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How can I run Unbuntu on raspberry-pi 3 or 4 using only a single core?

Updated, based on modified question: As far as I am aware, Uboot does not support, in contrast to GRUB, a boot parameter to set the numbers of CPUs used, see Uboot Environment and Uboot env command. ...
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I'm trying to dual boot ubuntu 22.04 and win10 but it always boot up win10. If i press f9, i get to choose ubuntu so far nothing have worked for me

HP - escape + F9 for UEFI boot menu, F10 for UEFI/bios settings HP seems to be the only vendor that does not support boot order change with efibootmgr which grub uses to change order. Applies to most ...
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Ubuntu installed on usb uses more than three minutes to boot

In my case with Ubuntu live usb on a stick with 170 Mb/s read/write speed, this value is almost 2 minutes. The system become responsive much earlier, than this two minutes, no mater of background ...
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How to cleanly disable Grub after a migration to systemd-boot?

Boot from another media and mount the root partition of your system. mount /dev/sda1 /mnt Then chroot into the mounted partition so that you can execute commands as if you were logged into the ...
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systemd-boot Install Failure

This is not exactly an answer but I'm sharing my configuration in the expectation that it will lead you to your own answer. The contents of my efi partition are as follows: tree -L 1 . ├── EFI ├── ...
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Change OS name in BIOS boot priority

I found solution of this problem, first use next command: sudo cfdisk /dev/sdX and set [ Type ] > EFI System next create a new record in boot sudo efibootmgr -c -L "Ubuntu" -l "\EFI\...
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