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5 votes

Ubuntu takes a long time to boot

Looking at your systemd-analyse output, it does indeed add up to a couple minutes to load most services. plymouth-quit-wait.service should run parallel to all your other services, so that's not where ...
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4 votes

GRUB2 error - invalid file name "chainloader"

chainloader (${root})/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi instructs GRUB to chainload (pass control to) Windows Boot Manager which is located at the specified path on the EFI partition. The problem with ...
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3 votes

Secure Boot with Ubuntu

Secure Boot is not a complete security solution. It is but one step along the chain-of-trust. Ubuntu's fully-authorized implementation of Secure Boot means that your install USB is a permitted boot ...
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2 votes

How to create a bootloader on an usb-stick that boots a partition on a hard drive?

Method 2 If you want a USB that just boots to GRUB see: the download,
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1 vote

How to create a bootloader on an usb-stick that boots a partition on a hard drive?

Boot a Partition on a Hard Drive from an USB stick I do this on my office computer because I don't want to mess up it's Windows boot loader. Step by Step Create a Full install USB similar to https://...
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1 vote

Whenever I start my laptop it shows many lines of code

The error has been solved and the thing I did was to again install Ubuntu and erase the disk. The boot up is now faster than usual. So, the problem started happening to me when I updated the Dell ...
1 vote

How can I create a customise ubuntu to open browser when booted and restrict access to other application

I can't give you all details to complete your task, but I have a distribution which at boot start a browser which connects itself to a specific URL that to a specific IP address. Essentially you need ...
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1 vote

GRUB not loading properly when external SSD is disconnected

While it's certainly possible to install grub to your internal disk on a FAT partition (even the EFI), there is an easier way to almost get what you want (boot Windows when external SSD is not present,...
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1 vote

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS start-up message/check which delays boot

SGX is a system that attempts to provide virtual machines that are secure against the owner of the physical host. If this is your personal system, you probably won't need it, and the technology seems ...
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1 vote

Uninstall GRUB and use Windows bootloader

I have followed the instructions of the 2nd answer on this thread but after that my pc was stuck in a boot loop. Running the command bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi fixed ...
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