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2 votes

Low disk space warning on "Filesystem root"

You resized the partition but not the underlying virtual volume (LVM) nor the filesystem on the partition. Your filesystem is an LVM volume that is ext4 formatted. Open the Command Prompt and run sudo ...
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2 votes

How do I fix this PCIe Bus Error?

This is a bug for RTL810xE that was first reported on Ubuntu 23.04 and persists Please see Launchpad Bugs, specifically the last 2 entries. Make sure to enter your info in This bug affects 2 people. ...
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1 vote

Unable to reinstall Ubuntu after initial installation due to boot issues

You do not "remove" or "uninstall" a computer operating system. You overwrite it with the new OS. If you wish to replace your Windows + Ubuntu dual-boot setup with a single all-...
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1 vote

Ubuntu 22.04 with Asus WRX80E Sage not detecting USB and M.2

I'd like to add a note here. I own this board and am using it here as I type. I'd been using the board for about a year .. I had to use kernel param usbcore.autosuspend=-1 because my USB was going ...
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