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Should I install broadcom-sta-dkms for better bluetooth connection?

broadcom-sta-dkms is completely unrelated to Bluetooth. It is a Wi-Fi driver. So it won't affect anything. Also broadcom-sta-dkms and the installed bcmwl-kernel-source is the same driver. So it won't ...
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Bluetooth connection error

Try running the following commands and show us the output, sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service # Check status of the bluetooth service If your Bluetooth service is not running then try: sudo ...
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Bluetooth devices make everything lag

not all bluetooth chipsets are created equally , when i worked on bluetooth products i used only CSR bluetooth dongles, if you get a random noname one it will probably have these issues. I have had ...
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Natural scrolling setting get reset

In a terminal: sudo vi /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf Using the arrow key, go down to one line after the one reading Identifier "libinput pointer catchall". Press i for Insert....
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