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This location could not be displayed. You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of"Shared_Folder"

You have to add yourself to the shared folders group in the Ubuntu guest. sudo adduser $USER vboxsf Guest OS needs to be restarted after this.
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CIFS mount through fstab not mounting at boot

If _netdev doesn't work, try this option instead: x-systemd.automount It works by mounting the drive at first access. To test the automount, unmount your share if it's currently mounted: sudo umount /...
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How can I launch a systemd service at startup before another systemd service starts?

The reason you are having this problem is because you are using After= while you also need Requires= or Wants=. There are 3 main properties for managing dependencies. I'll try to briefly explain the ...
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How to configure a NFS mounting in fstab?

A typical /etc/fstab entry for a NFS mount looks like as follows: /media/freenas/ nfs defaults 0 0 The options you supply looks pretty much default, but you can ...
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How to mount partition permanently?

Use Disks utility. Select the disk, then click Additional partition options icon. Choose Edit Mount Options from drop-down menu.
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Automount when clicking on disks in GUI file manager suddenly stopped working in Ubuntu. ("Unable to mount...Not authorized to perform operation.")

(Chrome Remote Desktop seems to be a problem for a lot of things! It will also block you from being an admin to operate your own printer!) Solved. For my particular case the problem was Chrome Remote ...
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Ownership/permission problem with automounting exfat drive

Automount exfat with user permissions When specifying the auto option, the devices gets automatically mounted at boot time with root-permissions. The proper options for exfat are described in the ...
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x-systemd.automount & CIFS shares in fstab

systemd was introduced in ubuntu 15.04. After adding x-systemd.automount to an fstab line, you need to run: sudo systemctl daemon-reload and then one, or both, of the following: sudo systemctl ...
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How to automount NTFS partitions?

Ubuntu 20.04 and later Open nautilus and create a new folder, I suggest in the home folder. Open the Disks application. Select the partition you want to automount and then click on Additional ...
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Automount in 16.04

You can do this in the Disks application, it is preinstalled, search in the dash and open it. Now click the partition on the left and under the diagram in the center click the little cog icon Now ...
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How do I disable the auto-mounting of internal drives in Ubuntu or Kubuntu 18.04

The Auto-mounting of disks in Debian-based Linux distros (and perhaps others) comes from a service called udisks2. Disabling this service will prevent any disk from automatically being mounted, while ...
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Ubuntu mounts external ntfs drive as read-only?

This is a common question and has been answered numerous times in AskUbuntu (for example, here). In short, you probably have fast boot turned on in Windows, which is why Linux will only mount it in ...
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CIFS mount through fstab not mounting at boot

I am using the Raspbian-Stretch build dated 2017-09-07 and experienced the same issue. However, I was able to overcome this by going into raspi-config and under the Boot Options menu, I enabled the "...
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Is it better to use UUID or PARTUUID to automount HDD with fstab?

If you use the PARTUID, you need to indicate that in fstab by starting the line with PARTUUID= rather than UUID. In the example you give, the system looks for an UUID, not a PARTUID, and indeed did ...
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External drive mounts only as root

you need to add user option to your fstab (/etc/fstab) like this /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 vfat uid=1000,noauto,user 0 0 /dev/sdd1 /media/sdd1 vfat uid=1000,noauto,user ...
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External drive mounts only as root

Ok, I got it. All of the above did not work but I noticed that /media/username was also out of bounds, which was really weird as as was logged in as username. I guess it all has to do with changing ...
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auto mount NFS via autonfs

To mount NFS shares we need to install nfs-common: sudo apt-get install nfs-common To save us from retyping this after every reboot we add the following line to /etc/fstab: <nfs-server-IP>:/ ...
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Unable to mount usb error

Well, either your USB drive has died, or the filesystem needs to be repaired. You can try to repair it from Linux with: sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb1 And if that doesn't work, you'll have to run chkdsk on ...
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External drive mounts only as root

Try this: Unplugg the usb Open a terminal:Press Ctrl+Alt+T Run it: exec sudo -i mkdir /media/Elements chown -R -v sarah:sarah /media/Elements chmod -Rf 777 /media/Elements
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Is it better to use UUID or PARTUUID to automount HDD with fstab?

This gave me an error when I ran findmnt --verify --verbose It has been already mentioned in the other answer - you have to use PARTUUID=. More info: How do I use a PARTUUID in fstab? Now I'm not ...
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How to auto mount with full permissions using gnome-disk-utility?

The whole purpose of a GUI disk manager is to avoid this trouble. This is why Linux is not used by my mother. Add the following to your mounting options. uid=1000,gid=1000 Here is the screenshot ...
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How to mount a NTFS partition in /etc/fstab?

I use the following that I find correctly gives me permissions upon mount (NTFS drive from a dual-boot system setup): Edit /etc/fstab: UUIDs can be found in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (usually map to /dev/...
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How to make partitions mount at startup?

use fstab echo '/dev/[VolumeGroup]/[VolumeName] [custom-directory] ext4 defaults 0 2' >> /etc/fstab Example: echo '/dev/hdd/hdd /mnt/hdd ext4 defaults 0 2' >> /etc/fstab echo '/dev/ssd/...
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How to automatically mount drives after boot?

Ok so after lots of reading: Since Ubuntu 15.04, fstab entries are converted into systemd units (*.mount files found under /run/systemd/generator) by systemd-fstab-generator and are then mounted in ...
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usbmount — fails to automount

I was actually also interested in automatic USB mount on Ubuntu 18.04 for my "as good as newly installed" server. I'm uncertain in which way you've installed USBmount or what version of it ...
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Automount a logical volume on an external disk drive LVM partitioned

Finally after so many tries the best and only working solution I found to automount logical volume is to use SystemD. Create your <path-to-mount-folder>.mount and <path-to-mount-folder>....
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CIFS mount through fstab not mounting at boot

Using forward slashes (/) did NOT fix it for me. Also, adding the option _netdev to my /etc/fstab entry did NOT fix it for me. What I have done to fix this problem (on my Pi3) is modify /etc/rc.local ...
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How to make partitions mount at startup in Ubuntu gnome 16.04?

All info above is good - but this is the EASIEST Use the Disks application - already part of Ubuntu 14.04/16/04, click on the partition, click on the little cog wheel under - for settings. And then ...
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Writing udev rule for fixed mount point for hotswap SATA devices (Ubuntu 14.04)

Normally USB (removable) media are automatically mounted upon media insertion. If you want to suppress that, you can configure/tweak yr box: open terminal (CTRL-ALT+T) and type in: $ dconf-editor go ...
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Ubuntu mounts external ntfs drive as read-only?

If valuable data, do the repair work on a cloned copy If the data, that you want to recover are valuable, it is a good idea to clone the drive to another drive of at least the same size and to do the ...
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