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APT / DPKG Broken After mysql-server-8.0 update on Ubuntu 20.04.5

Fixed by using a direct SSH connection instead of AWS Session Manager to run: sudo su root dpkg configure -a Thanks to @steeldriver who mentioned that the update might be running inside a ...
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Accidentally rejected nvidia-cudnn license install with apt, now I can't uninstall it

building on top of user1646442's answer, but without editing any files of the nvidia-cudnn package: to delete all values (including the answer to the i agree/disagree question during package install) ...
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How do I find out which repository a package comes from?

I had a similar usecase, where I needed to find out, which packages came from the Icinga Repository (and not the main Debian repos). However, I didn't want to script around the output of apt policy. ...
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