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You can create a Github repository to host your .deb packages and the accompanying files like Packages, Release, etc. You create all the needed files locally, and then git push them to Github. This page explains it in detail: Hosting your own PPA repository on GitHub


It's not a matter of complexity, it's a matter of data representation and resolution. A classic terminal is text only, where a full GUI is pixel based, drawing any text with pixels. In classical terminal, only characters can be displayed. It is possible to do full "graphical" menus and even mouse gestures in just text, but it's somewhat awkward ...


A terminal running in one Ubuntu version is theoretically capable of spinning up a virtual machine minimal guest OS of a different Ubuntu version without a desktop environment and simulating package management actions like installation and uninstallation without making any changes to the minimal guest OS. None of this depends on a GUI, so it could all be ...

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