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5 votes

APT not working as I deleted libstdc++

You removed a dependency of apt, which is evident by running: $ apt depends apt apt Depends: adduser |Depends: gpgv |Depends: gpgv2 Depends: gpgv1 Depends: libapt-pkg6.0 (>= 2.4.12) ...
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3 votes

How to install a downloaded LibreOffice 24.2.3?

You can install all of the .deb files and their additional dependencies with sudo dpkg -i *.deb sudo apt -f install However, I would recommend to use the official Libreoffice PPA instead. Why? ...
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2 votes

Thunderbird retains access to old DNS entries, how to purge them?

The question may be a little old, but I fell on it with a similar problem. As I see that it has not been resolved, I am making my contribution today! This is what I found as a parameter in the ...
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1 vote

How is ~/.local/bin getting on my PATH

envman is the culprit. There is a file ~/.config/envman/PATH.env which contains the PATH modifications and gets sourced by the ~/.config/envman/ script. Now, since I never asked for, nor really ...
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1 vote

Scrolling and typing lag with a 1-2 second delay

Ok, I think that I have found a solution for this issue. If someone has better solution or knows more about this problem then I'm eager to hear other suggestions. This issue was probably related to ...
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1 vote

Is there any way to get Lubuntu 22.04 to suspend without asking 'If you really want to...'?

The Lubuntu manual covers this. Long story short: Navigate to Session Settings Under the Basic Settings pane, uncheck “Ask for confirmation to leave session” under the Leave Session section
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1 vote

Ubuntu asks for wi-fi login before loggining into an account (i.e. on boot)

Turn off the "All users may connect to this network" option in the "General" tab of the Connection editor. This solved the issue for me (this in in Ubuntu 20.04). I can only ...
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