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Can I rollback an aborted Jammy dist upgrade?

Your best bet at this point would be to run the following command to change your sources list back to focal: First, run the following command to test the edit (this will print an edited version of the ...
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Select default boot partition after cloning a partition (Ubuntu 20.04)

After a full morning around the issue (Linux is challenging :), and thanks to users that commented, and also to share info to other users, I share my conclusions: since there are two exact copies of ...
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Are there any close alternatives to Microsoft PowerToys' FancyZones?

Pygrid has been my goto for years
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Realtek® ALC4080 Codec Front Jack doesn't work

I had the same issue and fixed it with the latest alsa UCM configuration. The alsa UCM configuration comes from the alsa-ucm-conf package. Updates to the alsa-ucm-conf package will wipeout the ...
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