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How to install Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi 3?

there are the correct versions of ubuntu desktop and server on rpi's website: there you can get their imager that i hope can help 07 edit: on the piece of ...
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Segmentation fault (core dumped) using matplotlib on Ubuntu Mate 16.04

you need to delete all opencv related packages first, and then reinstall the version of headless opencv: pip install opencv-contrib-python-headless==`
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Ubuntu USB to serial device connection problem

In case anyone else is having this issue with Ubuntu 22.10 and connecting a 3d Printer to Serial over USB - brltty takes over and assumes full control of ttyUSB0 - so have to either uninstall or (...
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Ubuntu server does not accept any request from outside

The UFW rules you showed are valid for IPv6 protocol, not for IPv4. Check your IPv4 rules, i.e. ones which do not include (v6) mark. Your database listening port TCP 5434 is IPv4 type port, but the ...
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Cannot access network drive after changing password

I stumbled upon these post since I had the same problem with my google drive account. This post solved the situation: Google drive "invalid credentials for"
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How to install tkinter for python 3.8?

on ubuntu 20.4 to 21.4 This will work sudo apt-get install python3-tk
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launch firefox full screen on boot - Ubuntu 16.04

Alternative add-on, which also works (tested in Firefox ESR under Ubuntu 22.04.1): Auto Fullscreen by insiderser Description: "This is a fork of Auto Fullscreen add-on by tazeat. The difference ...
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S3fs can't access bucket permission denied

I was getting error on opening files. I fixed it by clearing my /tmp/cache folder.
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Ctrl keys not working - 16.04 LTS, Cougar 200k keyboard

Just install the aziokbd driver, it worked for me: sudo apt-get install mercurial build-essential linux-headers-generic dkms git clone cd aziokbd ./ Make ...
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Virtualbox microphone not working (ubuntu as guest)

I had the same problem, and i solved it changed the "Host Audio Driver" in Audio Settings of Virtual machine to "Windows Direct Sound", and the "Audio controller" to &...
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How to fix all applications missing in Ubuntu's dash?

On 18.04, I used the dconf tool application and I navigated to the dconf setting: com > canonical > unity > lenses From here, I changed the value for: always-search to ['applications.scope'] ...
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