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Freeze at keyboard layout screen while installing Ubuntu

I ran it to the same problem in Virtualbox where I couldn't get pass the keyboard configuration screen. Answer: There is a scrollbar, scroll it to see "Done" Button.
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20.04 vs. 22.04 inside docker, with a 16.04 host == thread start failures?

If your Docker is older than 20.10.10, update that first. Docker doesn't expose the clone3 syscall by default before this version.
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Boot Failed: Failed to start Remount Root and Kernel File Systems

I got the similar issue, the reason is I am practising something on beaglebone black board, for some reason kernel is crashing there due to rootfs. So I thought of doing some changes in /etc/fstab ...
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How to enable Alt-Gr on Ubuntu 16.04?

in KDE, Ubuntu it is in settings:
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How to Display .HEIC thumbnails in Nautilus?

As the title no longer suggest 16.04, I can now provide the link to the question which works for me HEIF/HEIC Thumbnail issue In short: sudo apt-get install libheif1 heif-thumbnailer
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Why shows netstat an entry for ipv6 although it 's already disabled?

You need to disable kernel support for ipv6 with a kernel flag. If you use GRUB, you can do it by adding "ipv6.disable=1" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub and then running update-...
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SSH Server stops working after reboot, caused by missing /var/run/sshd

If you still have internet connection, you can simply reinstall the openssh-server package by using this command: sudo apt install openssh-server --reinstall It will recreate missing files and ...
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Rkhunter warning: file properties have changed

This happens because you update executable files via apt update && apt upgrade but the dabatase of rkhunter is not updated accordingly. Either do it manually with: sudo rkhunter --update --...
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How to type ª in Ubuntu 16.04?

Type Ctrl+Shift+U Type code aa Type space or enter to confirm
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Can't ssh even with public key added to authorized_keys

If you're sure you've copied your public key from your local machine to your remote server via scp ~/.ssh/ [email protected]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys (replace myUser and ...
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Kde, Dolphin : Dolphin not showing preview of images or any files

SOLUTION, for me, at least Hello dears, I 'd like your help here: Enable preview in Dolphin (I have the "info" panel shown on the right) Create an empty m3u8 file and paste inside #EXTM3U #...
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SSH fails with connection timed out - in VPN and hangs here "expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_REPLY" + Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

Most of the time it happens because of PMTUD (Path MTU Discovery) does not work between client host and server host. Usually because (some) ICMP traffic is blocked on the path. Reasons might be: ...
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Cannot log in to public open Wifi connection

I was getting a domain name resolution error when my browser tried to open the login page. If you have another internet source available, like a phone, you can look up the ip address using a service ...
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Ubuntu 16.04 - Turn NumLock on and disable NumLock key permanently

Ubuntu 22.04 You can use gsettings and tell Gnome to remember the NumLock state by executing this from the terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.keyboard remember-numlock-state true
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Cannot start virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

Having exactly the same issue. I TURNED OFF Secure Boot in my Lenovo 2019 laptop BIOS. Re-installed VirtualBox. Perfectly working VM in Ubuntu 23.04.
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Launcher icon duplicated when I launch Android Studio, why?

Himanshu's answer is correct, but slightly outdated. I had to add the line: StartupWMClass=jetbrains-studio to the file /usr/share/applications/studio.desktop. Before I used the command: xprop ...
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How to use php7.0-fpm and php5.6-fpm concurrently on same server, but different vhosts?

Install the php5.6-fpm package: sudo apt install php5.6-fpm Add these lines to the Virtual Host file of the old site: <FilesMatch "\.php$"> SetHandler "proxy:unix:/run/php/...
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