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Ubuntu installation failure - Unable to install GRUB

I had this problem. For me I had just gone through the hassle of installing windows 11 which needed me to remove all but one of my NVMe drives (my rig uses 5 NVMe drives). It turns out the Ubuntu ...
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I can change the password of one user from other user in ubuntu

If you assigned particular permissions of administrator/root like /bin/passwd to perticular user, then from that user account using sudo command you can change the password of other user.
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Network manager: shared connection and manual settings of the interface

Since this question appears in the 1st line in google searches, I decided to write here. As of 2023, under Ubuntu22.04 Sharing network connection to other client devices does work out-of-box, except ...
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USB 3.0 works slow as USB 2.0 in Ubuntu

Your lsusb -t indicates you have a recognized and (ostensibly) working USB 3.x Gen 1 root hub, but there is no active connection from that to any device. Most of the time, it will be the USB cable you'...
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ps aux for long charactered usernames shows a plus sign

Following solution works for me: ps -e --format user:20,cmd
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Why does the Update Manager say 'Check your internet connection'?

Well, for me, I had installed wine and done some configurations. So if that was your case also then, simply: sudo mkdir -pm755 /etc/apt/keyrings sudo wget -O /etc/apt/keyrings/winehq-archive.key https:...
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Offline Dictionary Extension to run in background

I recommend to you "GoldenDict", just run: sudo apt update sudo apt install goldendict Then you have to download your dictionaries in FreeMdict Cloud, there are a lot! Open GoldenDict, in ...
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Restart vmware tools

It should generally be fixed by restarting: sudo systemctl restart open-vm-tools but sometimes the work is more complicated and you have to reinstall ref sudo apt remove open-vm-tools sudo apt update ...
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