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VLC unable to open MRL

I encountered the same problem on my Ubuntu 22.04. I tried to search for solutions everywhere, but none worked. What did work for me then? I was getting this error for a file that was generated by ...
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Ubuntu server does not accept any request from outside

The UFW rules you showed are valid for IPv6 protocol, not for IPv4. Check your IPv4 rules, i.e. ones which do not include (v6) mark. Your database listening port TCP 5434 is IPv4 type port, but the ...
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Ubuntu 14 Android Studio 3 xrdp /dev/kvm permission denied

Update VT setting from Bios Power on the system and press[delete] key to enter BIOS [EZ Mode] Press [F7] key to enter BIOS [Advance Mode] as below picture: (If press [delete] key to enter [Advanced ...
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Volume mutes when set below ~20% 14.04

I found I had a similar problem: with my Antlion USB adapter (which I bought with my ModMic 4 setup), volume would completely mute below 25%, and at 25%, it was pretty loud. The solution I found, in ...
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Cannot open /var/log/sysstat/sa20: No such file or directory

For fresh installations (2022+): if you use systemd, do NOT edit /etc/default/sysstat, it won't work. You must use dpkg: dpkg-reconfigure sysstat and select «Yes». As the cron will check for systemd, ...
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Cannot open /var/log/sysstat/sa20: No such file or directory

This enabled and started it: sudo sed -i "s|ENABLED="false"|ENABLED="true"|g" /etc/default/sysstat sudo systemctl enable sysstat && sudo systemctl start sysstat ...
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How to install cmake 3.2 on Ubuntu

For me, all I needed was: apt-get -y install cmake I found that info here.
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Error during startup: b43-phy0 unsupported phy

For me, it was because my computer's Broadcom wi-fi chip was not supported by the included open-source bcma kernel module driver. No wireless connection appeared when I ran ip link, so this definitely ...
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Swiping left on the touchpad opens the photo search. How do I disable this?

Logitech K400r sends Win/Super + C shortcut when you swipe from the right edge of the touchpad to left, when edge gestures are enabled (see the other answer). So you could possibly override the ...
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Copy a folder in Ubuntu 14.04

move it with terminal as admin eg sudo mv campfund /location/
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'No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed' after using Boot-Repair no dual-boot

for Efi i solved by booting the flashdrive on ntfs(rufus) then the flash+resinstall process again.
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How to start firefox in safemode?

Help > Troubleshoot Mode is the newer alias for "Safe Mode". For more details on how to use Troubleshoot Mode, refer to Mozilla Support.

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