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Please check the solution of the linked question, sudo apt-get --reinstall install python3-minimal


I spent some time figuring out how to make it look like Gnome top panel is included inside Unity top panel and I finally managed to reach a plausible state, so I will share my knowledge: Install gnome-shell and gnome-panel: sudo apt install gnome-shell sudo apt install gnome-panel Install wmctrl: sudo apt install wmctrl Add this startup script: sh -c "...


There's a native color picker for HTML5's <input> tag built into all modern browsers (some screenshots). Enter this in browser's URL bar: data:text/html,<input type="color" /> and click on the rendered button. Bookmark for later use. Works offline. (Technically, this is neither a dedicated app, nor GNOME-specific; which might exactly ...


sudo apt install printer-driver-fujixerox In Unity's Add Printer dialog, select "Network printer" then "LPD", and type the printer's IP address. Then select the driver 'FX'. I did not try printing the test page; but a double-sided PDF just worked!

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