2 of 2 explain how to do backup

Modern drives are huge and need to be partitioned with GPT to allow 2TB+ in size.

  1. Find your disk:


    If it is already formatted, you should see entry like /dev/sdb1 with UUID and PARTUUID settings.

  2. If your disk is not formatted, create a new partition:

     cgdisk /dev/sdb

    and format it:

     mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb1
  3. Create directory for your hdd:

     mkdir /media/storage
  4. Run blkid again, note UUID for your /dev/sdb1 partition and add it into /etc/fstab (make backup of fstab by installing etckeeper - this file is important):

     UUID="b4c93..."  /media/storage  ext4  defaults  0  2

    fstab wiki page describes what does it mean. This should make it persistent over reboots.

  5. Finally mount it without rebooting to test:

     mount -av