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How make my Logitech Quickcam e3500 work?

I have an asus5431 laptop with a built in webcam. This is detected and works fine in Cheese and everyother application. (/dev/video0)

I also have a Quickcam e3500 which is detected by Ubuntu, appears to be loaded as /dev/video1. Only problem is that there is no video. I can use the inbuilt microphone and change the LED status with gstreamerproperties ( i cam make it flash at whatever frequency i like :)) . but no video

I know the camera works since in Mac OS and Windows it is fine.

I do not need the in-built camera since the laptop is under the sofa.

Any ideas anyone?

UPDATE: Solved

This problem was caused by my USB hub. I tried the camera without the hub and all worked fine. I can still crash the webcam/v4l2 sometimes but a reboot clears that. Annoying but at least I know that the camera works