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My Ubuntu is receiving inbound traffic while my PC is disconnected from Ethernet and WIFI, so my question is, how am I receiving inbound traffic? I even have a firewall that is turned on.

The information below is optional to read; however, it will give you a better understanding about my problem.

I am currently being followed by a team of professional hackers who work in shifts. I have tried to loin to my W7 at odd hours of the night and within minutes, a hacker would be in my system, through a backdoor and manipulating any file or program I was using.

For instance, I was using a Key Scrambler and an Anti Key logger and they would turn them off any time I got on the Net.

If I wanted to edit settings in the "Services" section of W7, they would, in real-time, undo all changes made and then GREY OUT the input fields so I could not come back and make anymore changes.

They would gain access as a super user and lock me out of editing any program settings.

They were hired by a man who is a 57 y/o sociopathic BULLY and member of the KKK. He hired them in September of 2014 and they are still hacking me in shifts and as I am posting to this forum.

In between sessions, I would use a Linux Live CD to access the Internet to DL files for my W7 PC. And I noticed that they had problems exploiting Linux systems like they could W7. But I am a Windows kinda guy and I wanted my W7 back, because I have hundreds of dollars worth of software that is only compatible with Windows and I use this software for my part-time job as a self-employed Webmaster.

But I noticed when I would use a Linux Live CD, they had problems manipulating or exploiting the Linux distros I was using with the exception of Zorin 9 which they shredded in less than an hour. Ubuntu Desktop was kinda hard for them for a while, but they were finally able to exploit it. However, I am using Ubuntu Studio as of this posting and they have yet been able to shut me down.

I don't know if it is b/c now they are only keeping tabs on me b/c they know that I have been talking with the FBI, but they are still listening in on my ports, especially "sockets" which is something that I am not familiar with. yesterday, I found information by accident, and I was able to view the "Sockets" information and there were over 50 sockets opened and with someone on the other end listening.

I then went online to get information about this and when I returned to the sockets information, there were only 7 nodes open.

But something I have noticed is they cannot manipulate Linux based OS like they could with Windows 7. Anytime I loaded W7, they would exploit it in minutes. For five months on a daily basis, I would do battle with them, trying to regain MY PC, but to no avail, they won every match. How was I able to do daily battle with them?

I am on Social Security Disability. HOWEVER, I am trying to take some online courses in areas where I have little or no expertize in like CSS and JavaScript. Once I can fully understand that aspect of web design, I plan on being a freelance web designer and totally be free from SSD!

I spent five months trying to get back my W7 configuration, but I should have just stuck with Ubuntu because they could never exploit it like they could W7. HOWEVER, I've only played with Linux Distro's here and there and I really had a hard time learning how to operate this type of OS, (and I am still learning, but day by day, I am getting more comfortable with Ubuntu. However, I miss not being able to run Windows software like Adobe and other programs I bought that I use with web design.

But the hackers, they never ceased hacking me, no matter how many times I tried which was 45-50 times over a span of six months, but they never quit. By 45-50 times, I mean that's how many times that I would reformat my HD and reinstall W7.

It was around the 3rd month that I realized that these guys had to be hired hackers. Because no one would try to frustrate anyone for months on end w/o stealing anything or meddling in to my financial accounts.

I began looking at the profiles of hackers and realized that these guys were indeed hired by someone who wanted revenge on me. And there is only one guy that wanted that type of revenge and it was my ex-father in law. He had been proxy stalking me for ten long years. However, he took about an 18 month break and I thought that he gave up on harassing me, but boy was I wrong!

He hired these guys and I've stumbled across bogus W7 log files where they talk about the importance of starting a timer every time I log on to W7 so they could get paid for the time spent exploiting me while I'm logged in to my PC. I've also found other damning evidence which will be presented to the FBI.

I had been offline so many times, that I had hundreds of emails that I had not checked in a long time. On top of that, I could not properly balance my check-book and I was or have been overdrawn at my bank many times b/c they would keep me offline for weeks at a time.

Moreover, I was afraid to work on my website for fear that they would destroy it. But two days ago, I was checking my Webmaster Tools on Google and they informed me that malicious code was on my website.

I spoke with the FBI last week and they said that there was nothing they could do. I explained how I've been hacked for six months but they stated that no crime had been committed so that was the end of that.

I previously spoke with a PC Forensic Expert who has a background in law enforcement and he said that he could track them down within 72 hours. All he needed to do was place a wire tap on my PC. However, this was going to be too costly for me, b/c the price tag was $2500.

So the only way to raise that kind of money for a person who is on a very limited income was to panhandle for it.

I have it all planned out, that is if the FBI cannot help. I would simply print out all of my receipts for PC repair which totalled $450 and then print out receipts for all the books I bought to better understand W7 and PC security as well as learn about ethical hacking.

I would then open a trust account at my bank and then include an envelope that was self addressed so if someone donated money to my cause, the money would go into that account. Moreover, so as not to appear as some scam artist, I would never accept cash from anyone and I would create a blog that details every aspect of six months of pure hell and once my goal of $2500 was reached. The account would be closed and any other checks that would be routed to that account would simply be returned to the sender.

My roommate thinks I'm nuts and that nobody will donate to my cause. But since I will not have the time to talk to anyone because that would impede traffic, I would simply enclose a brief description of my problem and tell them for more information, please visit my blog.

I will only resort to that if the FBI cannot help out. Because a week ago, I went to the FBI's local office and I told them everything they told me that "no crime had been committed."

However, two days ago when I had a chance to visit accounts that I have not checked in months, I found in Google Webmaster Tools that malicious code had been placed on my website. Since my website is a place of commerce, now I have a cybercrime to report.

I called the FBI again and this time they gave me a web address of where to file my complaint. So I am hopeful that the FBI will investigate. That way, I will not have to resort to panhandling!

Back to the story...

I came across a few files that the hackers tried to pass off as Windows system files in the Windows/System 32 folder and it was a file enabled that enabled scripts to use FM broadcasts, TV broadcast, HAM Operator broadcasts as well as other stuff like using Bluetooth to access my PC.

My guess is that they somehow modified my PC to run and accept commands from them using various radio, TV, and Ham operated radio waves. I'm talking James Bond stuff here. I've never heard of anyone being able to access a PC like that when it is totally disconnected from the Internet, but they were able to do it.

Even when I would try to reinstall W7, I would not connect to the Internet until I felt like W7 was hardened enough to withstand an attack. But check this out! I would be setting up Firewall rules and as I am doing this, they would undo every rule that would impede on their ability to gain full control of my PC! AND I WAS TOTALLY DISCONNECTED FROM THE NET!

I thought for a while that they were using my neighbours WIFI router signal to access my PC. So one day, I took my PC to the library which has no WIFI access. I made sure by checking available WIFI signals and there were none within reach of my PC.

And once again, as I am creating Firewall rules, they are undoing them in REAL TIME w/o me being connected to the Net. And yes, I made sure that my WIFI switch was turned off!

So, I hope that this story will help someone to better understand my question posted.

Has anyone out there ever heard of of hackers using any available radio, TV, FM, or Ham operated radio waves to hack into a PC which is disconnected from the Net?

The only way to stop them from making overnight changes to my OS was to power down and then disconnect the battery. Everytime I did this, I would check the log files and there was no activity. But anytime I left the battery in and even when my machine was powered off, I would wake the next day and read my logs and there would be activity ALL NIGHT LONG!

If anyone out there can help out, I sure would appreciate it.