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Ubuntu 22.04 Headphones/Headset with splitter (2 plugged pins) microphone is not working

I recently set up a dual boot on a new pc. I'm not using a laptop (I mention because I came across this issue a lot on lenovo laptops, but the solutions didn't work for me so far). I've looked at and ...
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2 answers

Run kpartx on system start

I'm trying to detect and run partitions on top of jMicron fakeRAID, which is discovered by dmraid. How far I'm stuck with making this automatically during boot. hopungo@hopungo-pc:~$ sudo kpartx -l /...
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Ubuntu WSL2 auto shutdown after 3 days

I'm running TVHeadend in 2 Ubuntu 20.04 instances in WLS2 and I noticed they auto terminate after 3 days. Is there any way to override this behavior?
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