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Questions tagged [zeroconf]

Zeroconf is known as zero configuration networking and is a set of protocols used to configure an IP network without a master system administrator or a master server.

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Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 Boot Hangs Every Time: Zeroconf Dependencies?

We're finding the Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 boot process to be especially fragile, consistently hanging during configuration. We haven't yet put our finger on the modality and thought we'd see if anyone ...
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avahi & nsswitch.conf with `mdns4` and subdomain resolution from peers

Following up on unanswered comments in this question. I'm trying to use zeroconf/bonjour for a home network specialty network device which needs to pass through certain traffic to additional devices - ...
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Ubuntu 16.04 - Firefox 61.0.1 not resolving zeroconf hosts

I've installed Firefox 61.0.1 for provided by "Ubuntu Software". Try to access to some zeroconf hosts (machine.local). It's not working. The zeroconf hosts resolving works globally (Chromium, commands ...
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Server 18.04: netplan and link-local addressing

I have begun experimenting with Ubuntu Server 18.04 and I ran into a problem with configuring the network. I have a PC with two network ports and one of those two ports has to get an IPv4 link-local ...
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Ubuntu 16.04 desktop vm is the only OS that will not register on the local network

I have several linux & windows vms(vmware) running on windows 10 pro host, in vmware workstation 12.5. All vms are configured the same way in workstation, but the Ubuntu vm is not discovered in "...
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How do I enable Bonjour/Avahi lookups in all tools?

Although I've got numerous Avahi packages installed, I can't seem to get something like "ping myhost.local" to resolve. But "avahi-browse --all" does return results. The device I'm trying to reach can ...
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How to resolve Link Local hosts without typing .local

So in windows, if I typed ping familyroom, it would tell me that my PC in the family room is (DHCP assigned address that isn't in any DNS) I'm running a new install of Ubuntu 14.04 ...
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Bonjour bridge with Avahi

I have two subnets with different devices that announce themselves using the Bonjour protocol. Since these messages can be only broadcasted in the same subnetwork I installed the Avahi daemon. I ...
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How to use zeroconf in Kubuntu 12.04

I have two laptops sitting next to each other, both running Kubuntu 12.04, and my goal here is to share files between them using Zeroconf networking. Here's what the wiki says about how to configure ...
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Differences between Bonjour/Avahi/People-Nearby protocols

I recently discovered, through Ubuntu's empathy IM client, that exists a protocol that enables the user to talk with anyone on his actual local network. It seems empathy calls this service "People ...
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2 answers

How do I share NFS mounts over zeroconf?

I would like to advertise my NFS shares via Avahi so that I can just browse from multiple machines without having to set it all up, especially when guests come over and I want something automagic. I ...
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