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How to turn on backlight led keyboard DELL G15 5511 Ubuntu 22.04

In the windows version the keyboard buttons work, here in Ubuntu they don't. I already tried with the command xset led 3 . Tried with all numbers between 1 and 32. Nothing happens. Any suggestion?
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Turn off display in Ubuntu on Wayland

I recently installed a program on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine that needs Wayland instead of X11 to work. I also frequently used the command xset dpms force off to turn of my display. However, this command ...
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Xset - the key strokes are not repeating

I'm running Ubuntu 20.4 desktop and I have to run "xset r on" from command line each time I log in otherwise holding arrow or del keys does not work (in repeated mode). I added "xset r ...
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How to turn on change keyboard light on change lang

how to cancel turn on/off keyboard light when i change language on ubuntu 20.04? i configured my custom turn on and turn off by script #!/bin/bash if [ -f /tmp/keyboard_light ]; then xset -led 3 &&...
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xset led 3 not working on Ubuntu 21.04

update my ubuntu recent version 21.04, but now my external keyboard backlight is not working. Previously it was working using "xset led on" in terminal and it is working perfectly on Windows....
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How to turn off the monitor via command on Wayland (KDE Plasma)?

I like turning off the monitor when I don't need it, to reduce eyestrain and energy consumption (e. g. when only listening to music). On X11, I have been using the sleep 0.5; xset dpms force off shell ...
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Can I adjust the White Balance/Color Temperature (hardware) settings of my monitor?

I know that one can do quite much programatically (shell commands) to the attached monitor hardware in Linux: turn it on/off (truly, hardware-wise) with xset dpms force off toggle the brightness (...
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How to create a startup command? [duplicate]

How do I create a startup command permanent on every cycle restart ? As previously having brightness reset when set at power saving mode to turn off the monitor. 18.04 64bits 5.4.0-42-generic Desktop ...
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Make an 'if else' statement in bash which toggles key repeat

#!/bin/bash var1="r on" var2="r off" xset=$xset if [[ $(xset r on) = true ]] then $xset "$var1" else $xset "$var2" fi is the script which I tried to run to toggle the key repeat. When running ...
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Check if X server is started in a script under rc.local

I have a script that depends on X server is started. So in the script, I check if X is started with the while loop below: while xset q; do sleep 1 done Everything works well if I run this script ...
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How do I prevent screen wakeup while using a remote access tool?

I'm trying to design a system for our office (consisting of Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS laptops and desktops), where remote access to the on-screen GUI can be combined with a local screen-blank, for ...
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DPMS and HDMI audio

While playing audio through HDMI connection, the audio is turned off once DPMS kicks in. This is somewhat expected. But I'd like to have the screen blanked and keep the audio playing... DPMS has this ...
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How to standby a monitor using xset in multi monitor setup?

While having two or more monitor working together, Is there any way to put a single one of them on standby/suspend by issuing a command like: xset dpms force suspend? or having a time set for that ...
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xset: unable to open display

For the longest time after about 5 minutes my screen would blank out. Now the screen will go blank after 5 minutes but then 2 seconds after that it will light up white and keep the laptop backlighting ...
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