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Windows Media Video (wmv) is a video file format.

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How do you convert WMV to MP4? [duplicate]

I have some small WMV files which I want to convert to MP4. How do you convert these without too many troubles?
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How to play video files (working in windows media player on windows) in Ubuntu 14.04?

I have some movies in windows media player format. I would like to play these movies on Ubuntu, But these files are not playing in VLC on Ubuntu OS. What should I do?
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.wmv and .wma not playing on Ubuntu 16.04 with Videos and Rhythmbox

since yesterday I am not longer able to play the audio of .wmv and .wma files with both Videos and Rhythmbox respectively. The errors are Required plugin could not be found Videos requires to ...
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WMV files don't play neither in default Ubuntu movie player nor on VLC

Whenever I try to play a movie on default Ubuntu movie player it asks me to install some codecs, but when I click "install" it doesn't do anything, and when I try to play it again the action just ...
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Many thumbnails fail to be generated in Nautilus, but OK in Dolphin with ffmpegthumbs

It happens to lots of .wmv extension files, this is how it looks like:
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Solution to viewing WMV files wants to remove packages. How can I solve this?

Looking at answers to how to play WMV files on Ubuntu 14.04, it seems that the correct answer is to install ubuntu-restricted-extras. (At the moment, I get the same error as others, i.e. Segmentation ...
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How to open this strange wmv (wmv3) movie in Ubuntu?

I could see there are some new movies with wmv file format, but on my Ubuntu 15.10 nothing seems to be able to play these files. I tried SMPlayer, it shows some strange image, no sound; VLC crashes ...
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can't play wmv files - Failed to initialize the VAAPI device

I'm trying to run wmv files, and tryed some advices from here, but without any success. I have vlc and ubuntu-restricted-extras. I also did a purge, autoremove and re-installthem. This is what I get....
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VLC unable to play wmv

I recently installed ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04 to do some video editing because avconv didn't have some options that I wanted or knew about. After installing ffmpeg, VLC seems to be unable to play wmv ...
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VLC and Totem crashes playing .wmv files

VLC & Totem crashes every time trying open .wmv movie (Rhythmbox also cant play .m4a music) ubuntu-restricted-* installed Tried: reinstall ubuntu-restricted-* reinstall gstreamer0.10-plugins-* ~/...
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WMV files do not play in Totem

Trying to play any .wmv file in Totem gives the following error: (totem:2491): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_structure_new_empty: assertion 'gst_structure_validate_name (name)' failed Segmentation ...
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Can't play wma, wmv or 3gp files

Since I installed ubuntu 14.04 I can no longer play wmv, wma or 3gp files with any player ( gxine - vlc - totem - etc.) I have installed Ubuntu restricted extras and ffmpeg. My friends, I found the ...
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how to use ffmepg codecs on ubuntu

I want to play .wmv files on Ubuntu, but it seems these files are proprietary and are not playable under Windows. So downloaded the ffmpeg source code and compiled it. Now, ffmplay is able to play ....
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How to convert DVD to WMV (or another format acceptable by Windows Movie Maker)?

I need to convert DVD to WMV file or another format acceptable by Windows Movie Maker (video is going to be edited on windows machine). What software should I use?
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how to read wmv videos in chromium browser?

I download a wmv video with firefox and I can read it with gnome mplayer without any problem. But if I try to read it with chromium it says to me that I have a missing plugins. How can I fix this ?
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How to play WMV files?

I tried playing a WMV file in VLC and it told me something along the lines of Unable to play WMV3 files. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this. When I try to open the same file in ...
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Error opening .wmv file

I tried to open a .wmv file in Thunderbird. I was asked to download files in order to have it accessible. At the end of the installation An error occurred - Location not found. error message displayed ...
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Ubuntu Equivalent to Dreamscapes?

In Windows Vista Ultimate, there was a feature called DreamScapes that let you set any wmv file as your desktop background and thereby have a moving desktop. There was a program that let users of ...
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Can't play wmv files

64 bit Ubuntu can not play wmv files. How can I fix it? I installed w64codecs but it didn't work. Thanks.
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Is there any media player that can playback MSS2-encoded videos?

I have a video that is encoded with Microsoft's Windows Media Screen encoder (the FOURCC for the video codec is MSS2). Is there anything on Ubuntu that will play this format?
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