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Windows Media Audio (wma) is an audio file format.

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Read wma and edit id3 tags

Using Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS I've been trying to edit the id3 tags of my wma music files. Since many of these files are in the folder "unknown album (random date)" in "unknown artist", it would be best ...
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.wmv and .wma not playing on Ubuntu 16.04 with Videos and Rhythmbox

since yesterday I am not longer able to play the audio of .wmv and .wma files with both Videos and Rhythmbox respectively. The errors are Required plugin could not be found Videos requires to ...
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all songs at the same volume in audacious

Is there a plugin in Audacious that plays all the songs at the same volume? I think this tool is what I am looking for, but it looks like a dead project: I mostly ...
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Script: Recursively convert wma files to MP3, then remove WMA files

I'm trying to fix a script that recursively searches a directory tree for WMA files - converting them to MP3 files, and then removing the WMA files, leaving the converted MP3 files in their place. ...
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Playing WMA files with cmus produces static and distortion in 14.04

I use cmus as a media player and after upgrading to 14.04, all WMA files in my collection have become unplayable. When I try playing them, I get static in my left speaker and a staticky distorted ...
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How to use Ffmpeg to convert wma to mp3 recursively, importing from txt file?

I tried different options from forums, but most of them are out of date (ffmpeg tells me about it, like with -sameq option). Im trying to understand the docs, but I can't. I want to know how to ...
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Can't play wma, wmv or 3gp files

Since I installed ubuntu 14.04 I can no longer play wmv, wma or 3gp files with any player ( gxine - vlc - totem - etc.) I have installed Ubuntu restricted extras and ffmpeg. My friends, I found the ...
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Problem converting wma to mp3 audio

When I tried to convert my audio files from WMA to MP3, I get an error message that I need to search for a plugin. See pictures below. How can I convert these audio files?
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Clementine refuses to play m4a, wma and wav

I installed Clementine and I'm happy with it's user interface and certain features. Unfortunately, it refuses to play wma, wav and m4a files. As far as I know, I do have all the gstreamer plugins ...
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I cannot play some WMA files

I did a backup of several music files from my older Windows XP system. Now I can play all the .MP3 files but not all the .WMA. There are some kinds of WMA files that can be reproduced without problems,...
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Add WMA files via update library to clementine

I want to add WMA music files to my Clementine play list but, when I say update changed library folders it does not want to add the WMA files. All the other music files are updated except the WMA.
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How do I play WMA files?

Since I made the upgrade to 12.04 I can't play WMA files. I added Medibuntu, install w64codecs, non-free-codecs but they don't work. I have also installed ubuntu-restricted-extras.
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How to convert WMA lossless to FLAC?

I have some CDs that I want to convert to FLAC. Banshee can't find their metadata, but Windows Media Player can. I figured there are two workarounds: Rip all CDs using Windows Media Player WMA-...
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How do I convert wma files to ogg?

I have installed "Sound Converter" but I keep getting an error when I try to use it. It first tells me that I need a plugin that is not installed (so I have it search) then it reports "Failed to ...
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Convert library of WMA tracks to MP3's?

I know there are options such as Sound Converter for doing them one track or directory at a time, but are there any tools that will recursively crawl through a directory's subdirectories and convert ...
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Is there a free option for playing WMA files?

Any free codecs out there to get my WMA files playing on Rhythmbox? (11.04)
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Tool to convert OGG files to WMA?

I have a bunch of OGG files that I would like to convert to WMA (v9) format. Is there a native Ubuntu tool I can use for this? (Since WMA is a proprietary format, I'm guessing that there won't be a ...
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