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WebP is an image format developed by Google that provides both lossy and lossless compression and support for an alpha channel.

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Terminal not responding

I'm new to Linux and am having weird problems. For instance, when I try to use the terminal I can't get it to follow my commands. Instead of doing what it's asked to do it sends me to the manual where ...
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How to convert all images from subdirectories to webp

For example I have a folder called Images and there are 26 folders inside is a,b,c,d contains multiple images each in different format jpg,png,jpeg. How to convert all those images to webp and deleted ...
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How to convert webp to grayscale png?

I have a bunch of webp images and need to convert them to png format. I know png supports different color modes like grayscale which I need. Is there any Linux tool or online services to achieve this ...
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Thumbnail view in 'Files' can't see .webp images

In the ubuntu files browser 'Files' I can set the default viewer for a given filetype (right-click->properties->open with) - but is there a way to get Files itself to show thumbnails for .webp ...
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Getting thumbnails of cbz comics with images formatted in webp

So, I have a bunch of digital comics that are in cbz format (just a renamed .zip, for those who are less familiar) in which all the images inside the comics are in .webp format. I am running Budgie 21....
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How to add WebP support to Eye of GNOME?

WebP image files are becoming more and more common on the web. Eye of GNOME (eog) doesn't support it out-of-the-box. Some browsers do, and ImageMagick as well by just installing the webp package (...
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foder an file, thumnails, for all types of files. Ubuntu 20.04.2 [duplicate]

20.04.2. I just uninstalled my windows 10 and I'm feeling much better already. I would like to have thumbnail preview icons for all types of picture formats and video formats. I would also like to see ...
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converting graphics files from webP to gif

I have downloaded a number of video clips they are in a format called .webp. How do I convert them to .gif? A chat room I use frequently only allows .gif and .jpeg files. I've done something like ...
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Cannot open 90% of recently saved images (webp format)

I very recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and have been having this issue where I can't open most of the images I have saved. I get an error that says Unrecognized Image File Format (but ...
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How can I convert an animated WebP to a WebM?

I would like to convert an animated WebP file to a WebM. However, most tools only support converting to an animated WebP but not back, when they support animated WebPs at all: ImageMagick's convert ...
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Add webp support to GraphicsMagick [duplicate]

A Node.js program is using gm (GraphicsMagick) to do some image manipulation/parsing. While it works locally (on my own machine), it doesn't work on the server. Relevant output: Error: Command failed:...
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Why are WebP utilities built on Ubuntu 14.04 not working and showing a library error?

I've built WebP utilities on Ubuntu 14.04 following these instructions found at the official website of WebP. As I've done everything successfully, my system should let me compress and decompress ...
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Ubuntu 16.04 Imagemagick convert jpg webp

I was wondering about the following; I use the following command to find .jpg files in (sub)directorys and convert (mogrify) them to .webp files. find . -name '*.jpg' -execdir mogrify -format webp {...
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How to preview DDS and WEBP images on nautilus?

I have too many images to search visually, so I cannot open each one of them individually. What do I have to do or install to show DDS image previews on nautilus? I would like to preview webp too if ...
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Image editors to convert images to WebP for Ubuntu?

Is there a good image editor application for Ubuntu with which I can convert jpg/png images into WebP format? ImageMagick was a crap for me! With it, output webp image's size just increased!!!
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Which image-viewers in Linux support the `webp` image format?

Is there any way to see WebP photo from Thunar with Xfce DE? There was a similar question, but it was about nautilus. Then to get WebP thumbnails tumbler (the Xfce thumbnailing service) must support, ...
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how to install webp plugin for gimp?

how to install gimp webp plugin? I found out that we can do it using with gimp-plugin-registry, but donno how. I have install gimp-plugin-registry extension for gimp from ubuntu software center, now ...
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ImageMagick convert can't convert to webp

On Ubuntu 12.04 ImageMagick doesn't seem to support webp. convert flyer.png flyer.webp Creates a png file with webp extension. On webp docs is stated that ImageMagick does support webp $ convert --...
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Is it possible to view WebP images in nautilus / photo program?

I've converted some images from jpeg to google's WebP image format, which reduces my images' size by about 90%! The big problem is that WebP images can only be viewed with a web browser, not with ...
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