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WebM is an audio-video format designed to provide a royalty-free, open video compression format for use with HTML5 video. The project's development is sponsored by Google.

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How can I convert my webm screencast to mp4?

Gnome has a built-in screencast tool using ctrl plus shift plus alt plus R. It's a great tool with consistent quality video output! But, I need the output in mp4. I have tried this: ffmpeg -i ...
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Video stuttering since upgraded to 22.04.1 LTS

I upgraded my whole system from Ubuntu Studio 20.04.2 LTS to Ubuntu Studio 22.04.1 LTS. My computer is the following machine: Motherboard: MSI H61M-P31/W8 (MS-7788) Processors: 4 x Intel Core i5-3330 @...
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How to compress videos properly with WebM?

Years ago when the VP8 codec came out, I used a program on Ubuntu to convert all of my files to WebM and it would cut the filesize in half. 22-minute episodes going from 300MB to under 150MB. I think ...
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Cannot convert webm to mp4 with ffmpeg + CUDA: InitializeEncoder failed: invalid param (8): Invalid Level

Here is the video:!Ao-GP3hGG9a9gvUpL_ZfCTAUrVCXSQ?e=PjLxKU, recorded by the built-in screencast tool of Ubuntu 22.04. The ffmpeg was installed via apt, and here is the output: $ ...
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LAME alternative for .webm and .m4a files

Lame utility is available for attaching image files as cover to mp3 audio files. However, it does seem to not work for webm and m4a formats, yielding such an error: Warning: unsupported audio format ...
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How to open .webm video files in vlc(or any other media player) by default in 16.04?

I downloaded a bunch of lectures using youtube-dl. But all of those videos have .webm extension. Everytime I need to open the videos by right clicking>>Open with>>VLC. How do I make it open by ...
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How to convert webm video file to 3gp?

Is any way to convert webm video file into 3gp using any Ubuntu package. My file size is above 55 mb so not supported by online conversion?
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Nautilus video search not showing webm

Using the Nautilus search for videos shows mp4 and wmv but not webm. It generates thumbnails for webm, and I can play webm fine. However, for some reason, nautilus doesn't think webm is a type of ...
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Edit webm video (with GUI)

I recorded a screencast with kazam. Now I have a webm file. Which tool can I use to edit this video? I want to cut (remove) some parts. I use Ubuntu 18.04
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How can I convert an animated WebP to a WebM?

I would like to convert an animated WebP file to a WebM. However, most tools only support converting to an animated WebP but not back, when they support animated WebPs at all: ImageMagick's convert ...
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Is there a way to download a video's audio in mp3 using flashgot without using a youtube-to-mp3 converter?

Now, I know that there are tons of questions about this topic but not quite this one as it specifically asks about flashgot. The unique trait of flashgot is that it works with every website (not like ...
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Unable to find a suitable output format for 'libvorbis' libvorbis: Invalid argument

I’m trying to convert some files to webm with ffmpeg using the following command: # First pass ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -codec:v libvpx -quality best -b:v 225k -qmin 10 -qmax 42 -maxrate 300k -bufsize ...
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Can't Watch Videos in Firefox

This began happening as of recently. Every time I try to watch a video in Firefox, it only plays the first few frames of the video repeatedly throughout the entire time as the audio continues playing ...
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Converting WEBM to MP3

I'm aware there are a couple of other questions here related to this, but the answers provided don't seem to work. I'm trying to convert a webm to mp3 with avconv. Here's how I tried to do it: $ ls ...
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How to convert webm video to mp4 when encountering errors for unsupported LBRR frames and decoding SILK/Opus

I have a low quality, but playable .webm video. It was recorded from a webrtc live stream that seems to have been on a bad connection. There are not many video frames and the audio cuts out for a ...
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Can't display the thumbnails of HEVC Main10P and VP9 codec video

I hate totem player, it is useless to me, so I installed the ffmpegthumbnailer, removed totem player, and changed the default thumbnailer to it by following steps. sudo apt-get install ffmpeg ...
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OpenShot opens .webm file as audio

Tried to edit this file: in OpenShot 1.4.3, which is what the Ubuntu Software Store has and what the OpenShot site says is ...
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VLC not playing aac files and a webm file

I have a few music files in aac format which I want to play through VLC. But VLC ain't playing any of them. It's not showing any error or any other message, it simply stops as soon as I play them. I ...
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Software for converting and cutting videos with webm support

I am looking for a file converting program to trim and convert videos into .webm format. I am currently using Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.
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What application can edit WebM metadata?

I have a few hundred WebM files, which include audio and video in one file (WebM is a container format). I want to edit their metadata, like: artist who performs the song title of the song album year ...
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How to cut mp4 file and link to make webm

Whats the fastest way to cut small sections of a mp4 file and link them back together as a WEBm help is greatly appreciated!
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Best avconv settings for WebM video?

What are the best settings when converting, say, a .mp4 video to WebM? I have done some searching on here but nothing specific to what I need really. What I've been using: avconv -i input.mp4 \ ...
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How to do I convert an webm (video) to a (animated) gif on the command line?

I suppose ffmpeg is the weapon of choice but I didn't find out how to reach my goal.
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How do I enable thumbnails for 'webm' files?

I have thumbnails for every other file type just not .webm. Is there any way to enable them and if so, how would I do that?
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How to play vp9 videos on ubuntu

So I have a vp9 video and I can not play the video on ubuntu 13.10 audio works because it is vorbis. I have compiled ffmpeg version git-2013-11-01-ec5e02d and I know that it supports vp9 Thank you ...
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bulk/batch convert mp4 and m4v files to webm via command line?

is it possible to convert mp4 and m4v to webm via command line? I'd like to just in a bulk swoop convert my mp4 and m4v files to web so i can play them in firefox without any issues.
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How to extract audio from Webm without transcoding?

Audio within mp4 and flv files is AAC, and a proper container for that is m4a. So, in order to extract sound from mp4 and flv I use a command like gnome-terminal -e "parallel avconv -i '{}' -map 0:1 ...
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Convert WebM to other formats

I take photos and videos using Cheese on Ubuntu 12.04. They are in WebM formats. How to convert them in other more conventional formats for making them compatible with other OS and devices (Windows, ...
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How to fast convert mp4 to webm using ffmpeg?

I have to convert 76 mp4 files to webm for the purpose of a website that uses HTML5 videos. I'm talking about 10 Gb of mp4 files... I know I can simply ask ffmpeg to do that using: ffmpeg -i ...
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Is it possible to do a lossless conversion from m4v to webm?

I have several m4v files, which I need to convert to webm. I am using ffmpeg for doing so and have used commands such as: ffmpeg -i myfiletoconvert.m4v output.webm The conversion works fine, and ...
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Nautilus and file command in 11.04 don't show metadata for WebM files [closed]

The file-name extension .webm is used for media files using the WebM multimedia format, which consists of the WebM container (a subset of the Matroska container) and audio and video streams with ...
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Are there any video editors that support WebM?

Are there any video editors for Ubuntu that support WebM importing? AKA, I have a raw WebM file that needs editing.
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Why isn't WebM video supported out of the box?

Ubuntu can't include non-free codecs, but has had the ability to play Ogg Theora and Vorbis files out-of-the-box for years because they're open source. Now that WebM is such a popular, free ...
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How to make WebM desktop recordings?

I am looking for either a desktop recorder/screencast application that can output in WebM format, or a program that can convert the .ogv format generated by gtk-recordmydesktop into WebM. I have ...
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How to play a webm video file?

I have tried vlc, Banshee and Totem but none of them recognize the webm format. Even the system does not recognize its mime-type. How do I play it ?
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