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VMware Horizon View (priviously known as VMware View) provides remote-desktop capabilities to users using VMware's virtualization technology. Use this tag for questions on VMware Horizon View, VMware View, VMware View Client and VMware View Open Client.

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1 vote
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VMWare Horizon Ubuntu Desktop Pool Giving Black Screen After Logon

I'm facing a weird problem when connecting to my Ubuntu Desktop virtual machines through the VMware Horizon client on Windows or Ubuntu PC. Let me describe the issue. I have created a Ubuntu 16.04 ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to make a User Profile in Ubuntu 16.04 have very limited access

I'm a rather new user to Linux/Ubuntu and have been tasked at my job to create a local user profile in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS that will only allow for opening one application "VMWare Horizon View Client" ...
5 votes
6 answers

How to install VMware View Client?

I have tried installing it through the software-center; installed, removed and reinstalled and it is still giving me problems, it simply crashes when I open it. So I tried synaptic, which looks good, ...
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