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virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces

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In 23.04, when switching virtual desktops, the window that receives focus seems to be the root window, not the last application from that desktop

In previous versions, when switching virtual desktops focus was attached to the last window focused on such desktop. In 23.04 (running Gnome), when I switch virtual desktops the focus seems to always ...
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Focus causes window to move to front on virtual desktop switch

I use focus-follows-mouse (with a slight delay), such that I can focus on a window without clicking. I have it set to not raise the window when it is focussed; instead I need to click to raise. After ...
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Ubuntu Budgie: Is there a way to show a window in all workspaces?

In most desktop environments, you can set a window to be visible in all workspaces or virtual desktops. I can not find this option in Ubuntu Budgie: Is it possible? If not officially supported, are ...
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Different icon for each virtual desktop in Kubuntu 20.04

I want to put an icon for each of my virtual desktops in KDE. Currently pager widget allows me to select a name for each virtual desktop but there is no option to put an icon for each one. EDIT: I ...
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Swtching desktops using the mouse

I'm running Kubuntu 18.04. If the mouse wanders into the virtual desktop region, which can easily happen, the mouse wheel switches me to different virtual desktops. This takes me away from whatever I ...
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KDE: Virtual desktops: how to make each desktop grid square shortcut have its own color

I have these virtual desktops on Kubuntu 20.04: To easier distinguish between them, I'd like each to have its own color, like this: Is it possible to achieve?
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Using second monitor for dashboard while still being two separated monitors

I am not sure if this question has been asked before. Basically I have a second monitor that is currently connected to a raspberry pi. It shows a dashboard (website). Unfortunately the raspberry pi is ...
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In KDE Plasma, how can I switch between virtual desktops using Meta + Tab?

I'm using KDE Plasma 5 right now, and I noticed that the keyboard shortcut Meta + Tab is used to switch between Activities, and Alt + Tab is obviously used to switch between windows. I would like to ...
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Is it possible to change virtual desktop with right+left mouse buttons and mouse direction?

I have just upgraded my Kubuntu to 20.04 and looks great up up until now. I was wondering if it's possible to change a virtual desktop env using both right+left mouse buttons and a mouse direction to ...
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Problem with automatic virtual desktop switching in Kubuntu KDE desktop

I am using Kubuntu flavour Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Release: 20.04 Codename: focal Every time I open something like konsole, vlc player or browser, it ...
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How to save and restore working environment, each app in a virtual desktop (including browsers with tabs)?

Is there a ready solution for saving and restoring whole working environment? I want to save a project's workspace, and restore it inside a virtual desktop: browsers (with their own tabs) other apps ...
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Using different virtual desktops in different monitors

I want to use different virtual desktops for different monitors (i.e laptop and external LCD) in KDE plasma 5.18 in Ubuntu 18.04. Is it possible?
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How to animate when switching virtual desktops again?

I've upgraded kubuntu 19.04 to 19.10. During 19.04, animation desktop with a cube when switching effect worked well. The time for switching animation was set to 2000ms. But after upgrading to 19.10, ...
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How to show only number of current virtual desktop in taskbar? (KDE Plasma)

i dont want to switch desktops by taskbar (i do it by keyboard), but i want to see which desktop is active. so i just want to see the number of active virtual desktop, not of all desktops. is there ...
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How to remove the (n+1)-th virtual desktop (workspace) on Ubuntu 18.04?

I know how to switch from one virtual desktop to another, but it happen to me often that I open a 3rd virtual desktop not on purpose and even by doing a Super+Space I cannot remove it. I can see 3 ...
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Independent remote GUI session

I have an Ubuntu machine at work that I often need to connect to, either from another computer in the same LAN or from home. I usually use SSH (optionally with X11 forwarding) but sometimes I need to ...
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Ubuntu virtual desktop like Windows [duplicate]

I want to change to new virtual desktop, I use Ctrl+Alt+down to change desktop I don't want to see previous virtual desktop application that I am using. In Windows every Virtual desktop is ...
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How to switch workspace with mouse wheel in GNOME Shell

A system like the workspaces in Unity7 had an icon on the dock or something similar that give you the possibility of cycle through virtual desktops with mouse buttons or wheel. For who is not ...
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KDE plasma 5 windows open up in random virtual desktops

I'm using plasma 5.8.7 under Ubuntu 16.04 (not an original Kubuntu installation), with several virtual desktops. I have also changed the panel options to "Only show tasks from the current desktop". ...
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How to setup Unity desktop switcher as a 2D Torus network?

Currently I have my desktops set up like this as a 3x3 grid: 3x3 Desktop I would like it to work like a 2D torus network, i.e. if I am using the top left desktop and press ctrl+alt+left I swap to the ...
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Is there dynamic virtual desktop on Ubuntu Unity? [duplicate]

As far as I know, there is virtual desktop on Ubuntu, but the number of them are constant. Can I have the dynamic virtual desktop like Gnome3, elementary OS or Windows 10? elementay OS's virtual ...
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Is it resource consuming if I use multiple work-spaces?

I use multiple programs in different categories.(Emacs, terminal, Firefox, music player, IRC client, virtual box, ...) I was curios, if it was better for my old and slow Ubuntu Desktop to use work-...
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Ubuntu Virtual Desktop for web development

I installed Ubuntu Desktop, LUbuntu for web development in a VMWARE Esxi. I set 1 GB ram for 3 operating systems which my friends are going to use with me. The server is 8 core processor 32 bit with ...
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Losing KDE desktop when switching

This is probably something simple but it's quite frustrating. I have KDE set up to have two desktops set under "System Settings->Virtual Desktops". I can type ctrl-left and ctrl-right to switch ...
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Combining mouse buttons and keybord keys for hotkeys

Question is about mouse buttons customization. I want ctrl, alt, shift to modify my mouse buttons behavior on being pressed. My mouse have 9 buttons, prev, next buttons in it already working. I ...
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Desktops on demand windows managers?`

Are there any window managers that function like OS X's? I'm looking to be able to full screen apps and move back and forth between them. I would want to start with one virtual desktop and then I ...
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Is it possible to have a separate unity launcher for each virtual workspace?

I was wondering if there was a relatively straight forward (or not) way to have virtual launchers for each virtual workspace. I dislike the way a virtual workspace, say 3, will jump to workspace 1 ...
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How to have a different virtual desktop per physical display?

Context: I've recently switched back to using an external monitor with my laptop. I'm using a 2x2 virtual desktop with the expo plugin. (Actually a 3x3, doesn't matter) I'm currently not satisfied ...
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How to minimize virtual desktop window on Ubuntu?

When I connect to the virtual desktop using a windows 7 machine, I can still minimize it, or use Alt+Tab, or WindowsKey+Tab to switch between virtual desktop and other applications I have running. ...
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Automatic sending of windows to virtual Desktop 2 in plasma

In KDE environment, I want every LibreOffice document, when opened, to go automatically to virtual Desktop 2 and every Chromium window be on Desktop 1 (wherever they are opened). Is there a way to ...
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How to start gkrellm so that it shows up on all virtual desktops?

I'd like to open the GKrellM system monitor so that it is present on all virtual desktops. How to do that? Using Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) & classic GNOME (not Unity). Bonus questions: How to skip ...
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Disable alt + tab moving windows by itself

Whenever I press Alt + Tab , Unity moves the window I'm switching to so that the whole window is inside the screen. This behavior is excruciatingly annoying because I often move a window (usually text ...
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How to set one Virtual Desktop as the "external monitor" source on 12.04?

On my laptop using 12.04 I would like to have two virtual desktops, one should be visable only to the person using the computer and the other should be the one that is shown when I attach an external ...
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Separate panels for separate workspaces in tint2

I am running Ubuntu 11.10 x64. I have tint2 installed in an attempt to get a GNOME2-like bottom-panel. Suppose I have windows A, B, and C open on Desktop 1, and windows D and E on Desktop 2. Right ...
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How to fix one virtual desktop to my second monitor with KDE?

I have two monitors on a NVIDIA card. KDE combines the second monitor with TWinView to all my virtual desktops. While this is nice I'd rather had an additional virtual desktop (let's say desktop #5) ...
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