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Questions tagged [vector]

Vector : Vector is a quantity with both magnitude and direction.Its a mathematical element & used where we need a quantity with both direction and magnitude.

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Krita: Clean up image [closed]

How do you clean up a line drawing that you scanned? The main issue is that the lines come in rather pixelated. I know that there are methods to make selections by pixel color within Krita but I don'...
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How to import a vector graphic to the icon database

I have extracted a *.ico file from a exe file. Its a vector graphic file, gimp says its size is 32x32. I copied the file to /home/user/.local/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/ and updated the icon ...
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I'm looking for an app or programme that can draw similar to Sketchup [duplicate]

Looking for a replacement for Sketchup in Ubuntu. Simple is good. I only really need to draw plan view.
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Problem installing BIMP

I've installed on my pc GIMP version 2.8.22 and it seems to be the latest version. When I try to install BIMP I get this error. libgimp2.0-dev : Depends: libgtk2.0-dev (>= 2.12.5) but it is not ...
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Opening Vector Files In Ubuntu

Is there a way to open .ai, .eps and .svg files in Linux natively? Gimp can save in svg, but am not sure about the other file types
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Prevent cold boot attack on running laptop by overwriting ram

Prevent cold boot attack on running laptop by overwriting ram Id like to use my laptop as a recording device when i leave home, but there would still be the possibiltity for a cold boot attack or ...
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Edit Polygon in Ubuntu

I have a polygon in the following format: [813,1623],[816,1623],[818,1617],[823,1626],[831,1626],[832,1629],[839,1632],[841,1636],[837,1636],[842,1640],[839,1632],[835,1631],[831,1624],[827,1621],[...
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Non-vector icons in Nautilus

I'm happy Acer AOD257 (2GB, Atom) netbook owner with Ubuntu 12.10. I once saw that all Nautilus/Unity/Ubuntu icons are in raster and vector formats. BUT! I see vector only. My netbook is weak, does ...
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Flexible vector construction in tcsh

vector generation is a technique which allows us to generate lists without defining iterators and write loops. They are useful in many situations, and can turn code to much more succinct and compact. ...
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