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How long a system is currently up for. There is also a command called `uptime`.

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System load is too high to allow login or system maintenance

Running 18.04 in Azure Within the last three months the server has been experiencing the following issues : The only way currently to log into the box is via a serial connection. Any attempt to log ...
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How to get uptime history?

I can get uptime from uptime but what about time between boot and shutdown historically? If the last part was the duration (days+hour:minutes), it doesn't make sense that time between reboot is ...
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How to get all time working hours on Ubuntu Server?

I own a server which is a hardware solution, and I want to see the whole amount of time it has worked. Like sum of all the uptimes. e. g. if it worked 3 hrs and then stopped and after 3 days worked 5 ...
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Find out exact time when the Ubuntu machine was rebooted

uptime -s shows when the machine was started: sample output: 2020-12-31 03:24:00. Is there a way to know the exact datetime when the machine was rebooted?
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how to retrieve server life uptime?

Is there a command or script that can tell me for how long the server has been up since installation? (either by checking system installation date (+ removing shutdown-time) or by checking main disk ...
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distinguish downtime from DNS issue

Between approximately this time: Fri Jul 3 19:31:00 UTC 2020 and approximately this time: Fri Jul 3 20:31:00 UTC 2020 I couldn't install any packages from, but otherwise my ...
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VMWare slowly freezing whole system

Background: I'm running Kubuntu 18.04 LTS and running Win 10 as guest for random MS specific apps OS on VMWare Workstation 15 Player. Everything appears to work really smooth and nice... for a while. ...
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How to upload sqlite3 database to webserver? [closed]

I am very new to this. There is tuptime.db file which has records of uptime in my computer(local server). How can I upload it to web server and show the database content in a website. I want something ...
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Is there any way to feed output of a shell script to google sheet?

I wanted to to make some reports on uptime of some a using google sheet. I wanted to update google sheet every day with the reports. I wanted to make report of uptime of at least 100 computers ...
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How to generate uptime monthly report in linux?

I wanted to send monthly uptime report to my clients through email. Will any one help me how to generate monthly report.
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Check when was the computer ON? [duplicate]

My server has rebooted a few times in the past week due to electricity cuts. I would like to know when was the server running. Uptime only gives me information about the last time it's been on. Last ...
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What counts towards uptime?

The question is simple: do time periods when computer is in any of the states below count towards total uptime of a system ? hibernation suspending the system changing runlevel NOTE: I am not ...
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How to find which users are currently logged in?

uptime shows among others 4 users, should I be worried? According to man uptime uptime gives a one line display of the following information. The current time, how long the system has been ...
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which system command should i use to get the desired output given below

I need to write a system program that imitates who and w.Print the time since login(in the form HH:MM:SS)and the host name. Allow for a command line option -p that also prints the interesting ...
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Why is time taken in hibernation included in system uptime?

When i go into hibernation and resume then look at the result of running uptime , i note that the the hibernation duration is also included. in pm-hibernate man pages. it states that: "During ...
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Run command when uptime >= 20 min [closed]

I need run BASH script when uptime >= 20 min(for example). How I can do it? Please help me create script for check system uptime and check if uptime more 20 min - run another script. Thanks.
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High values of cpu load

The system uptime command is returning values above 5... This is a high value right? What could be the reason behind this?
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Maximum time for which a Linux PC can be UP? [closed]

Actually I had a linux system ( running Ubuntu 12.04.3 ) for days without reboot. I ran in to some errors like sleep getting hang and some network mounted file system not getting mount even able to ...
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What does the call sign of the uptime mean (output of htop)?

I've runnting a ubuntu 12.04 and a 14.04 instance. If I call the uptime, the instance of version 12.04 returns: 65 days and the one of 14.04 returns: 112 days(!). I want to know the meaning of the (!) ...
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how i can know the uptime on battery

is there a way I can know how much time the laptop is up on battery , i know there is the uptime -but it Tell how long the system has been running both on AC and battery
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Determine how long the server was off, when it off and when it back on

Is there an application i can install on my server so as to know (be notified ) that server has gone off and for how long it was off and also know the time it went on again. Am trying nagios but cant ...
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How to get real uptime?

Is there any easy way to calculate uptime excluding period system is suspended? I would like to count time I've spent in front of computer.
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Is there a way I can get the time since my comptuer last booted? [duplicate]

Is there a log file I can see or command I can issue that will tell me how long my computer has been running since last time I booted or logged in under my account? I'm on Ubuntu 12.10.
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how to find network active time?

How to know uptime ,downtime with timestamps of all connections of ifconfig. For my case they are three eth0,wlan0 and ppp0.
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Application to show Uptime on Desktop?

i was wondering if there is an application that shows UPTIME on the desktop, something like a desktop widget.
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What's the fairest way to monitor total CPU time - per user?

On a multi user system, I want to measure each user's CPU usage in seconds of cpu time. For the purpose of this measurement, I assume that if a PID belongs to a user, this user is causing the CPU time ...
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