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Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (uec)

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how to import and install a UEC image on Openstack?

Getting started with Openstack here. I've successfully imported and launched instances with a cirros image per the Openstack Installation Guide, but when I import UEC images, like this one here and ...
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How can I use the default generic kernel in a UEC Ubuntu Cloud Image?

I download a UEC style Ubuntu Precise image from that I want to use in an OpenStack cloud, but I want to make some modifications to it before booting the VM. ...
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Where is the usage of Ubuntu cloud guest image on OpenStack documented?

Whenever I set up a devstack or OpenStack deployment, I want to add the latest LTS Ubuntu server image. I succeeded several times in the past and I believe it can be achieved with something like: ...
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Ubuntu Cloud UEC 12.04 amd64 image has an invalid locale

Following the tutorial in I was able to execute the Ubuntu 12.04 Cloud Image (amd64) in my computer (
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How do I boot Ubuntu Cloud images in vmware?

I want to run an Ubuntu cloud image on on VMWare. I just need to know how to set the OVF properties in a way that VMWare understands in order to pass parameters to cloud-init. What I've done ...
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What is the default password of the UEC image?

I'm running some instances using Ubuntu image 10.04 on Openstack. Here is the link: I can use the private key to ssh to these instances, it's ok....
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Can i install Ubuntu 10.4 enterprise cloud in virtualbox

I would like install Ubuntu enterprise cloud in virtual box and need to test it, will UEC can be installed successfully in Virtual box & where can i get Tutorial for that.
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2 answers

UEC - Unable to SSH into instance, asks for password

I am attempting to set up a private cloud using Ubuntu 10.04.4 Server. I am following the tutorial at . All steps go on perfectly apart from that ...
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Install and configure UEC error

Everything moves fine but when I try to intall the image from image store it shows some error rather than images any one can help me in solving it: Error 60: server certificate verification failed. ...
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Ubuntu UEC moving to OpenStack: What to do about new installations for the next 6 months?

So, the news that Ubuntu will use OpenStack for its cloud fabric starting with Oneiric is exciting, but what to do today? I'm ready to begin deployments that will not be needed in production until ...
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How do we create users on UEC?

I have setup CLC , CC ,SC and Walrus on one machine and its running fantastic, but as admin . Can we create user on this cloud ? and if we can how?
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Error 500 with euca2ools UEC (enterprise cloud)

I have been setting up Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. When I visit "" in my browser I get: But when I visit "" (which is the url of euca2ools, right?) I get: Whats wrong?...
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Is there a simple guide for how to set up a demo cloud?

I would like to be able to demo a UEC cloud at a presentation. Is there a simple guide regarding the hardware I need, and how I need to configure the UEC in order to create a nice presentation?
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