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The Ubuntu Edge is the next generation of personal computing: smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device.

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Ubuntu phone in 2019

do you have some informations about Ubuntu phone at the moment? I saw few articles about Ubuntu Edge but I thought that it is dead. Also I saw for UBPorts with Ubuntu Touch. I was really interested ...
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What are Ubuntu Edge and Ubuntu Touch?

I'm using ubuntu touch on a Nexus 4,dual boot. I can see some information about ubuntu edge, sometimes ago, and it may be no longer more activities. Could you explain/clarify the difference between ...
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Is the Ubuntu Edge phone going to come out in the United States? [closed]

Is the Ubuntu Edge phone going to come out in the United States? If so, when ?
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How to get Ubuntu Phone

I am late to know about mobile phones based on ubuntu. if I can still get it ?? if it is still possible for me to get it. how?
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Financial support for Ubuntu Edge

How can I provide financial support for "Ubuntu Edge"? Give me a link please.
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Demo, promo, trial, prototype, 1st releases

How do I voluneer to test products like The Edge, phablets, software, etc? Where do I sign up for an open invitation for anything new including hardware?
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Ubuntu Edge: where to buy? [closed]

I have been seeing in the news and in several reviews of the Ubuntu Edge "superphone" and I was just wondering how or where to buy the phone, I heard about indiegogo, but is that the only place in ...
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Will the Ubuntu Edge work with 800MHz CDMA networks in India [duplicate]

I am based in india using Reliance, CDMA For CDMA in India, the frequencies are: 824 - 844 MHz for the uplink (handset to base station) 869 - 889 MHz for the downlink (base station to handset) 20 ...
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Ubuntu Edge; Ubuntu Touch?

I have been looking forward to Ubuntu Touch for quite a bit of time, due to it's desktop like functionality and beautiful display. But now I have heard of the Ubuntu Edge, and I am confused on the ...
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Ubuntu edge/touch Laptop shell [closed]

The convergence idea is really cool and I love how you can dock your phone and use it as a full desktop by connecting it to a hdmi display. However there is a piece of the convergence story missing ...
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Clarifying the claim of "full Ubuntu desktop OS" support on the Ubuntu Edge

Can anyone clarify what Canonical means when creating a "full Ubuntu desktop OS" on the proposed Ubuntu edge? My definition of a "full Ubuntu desktop OS" is if a software package can be complied for ...
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Will the Ubuntu Edge work in countries without LTE? [closed]

I live in a country with no LTE, we use 3G. Will the Edge still work here? Thanks
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What is the name of the music/artist from Ubuntu Edge teaser?

What's the music from the teaser trailer? I mean the artist and name. I kinda like it!
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Ubuntu Edge in Japan [closed]

I'm not terribly knowledgeable about cell phones. The edge looks exciting and I like supporting gadgets that are powered by open source, but I live in Japan. Could somebody point me to online info ...
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Will Ubuntu Edge be available to everyone after the indiegogo campaign?

I noticed that ubuntu hasn't mentioned this anywhere. Will the phone be available after it's backed by indiegogo and everyone who backed it gets theirs? And will it be available through carriers if ...
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What options do I have to track UbuntuEdge fundraiser progress?

I guess we all are very excited about Ubuntu Edge, and hope for the best that the 32 millions will be reached. I would love to track the progress, but loading and refreshing the fundraiser site is ...
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What do I do if I forgot to pay the $30 shipping on the Ubuntu edge? [closed]

I just paid the $600 that was automatically in the "donate" field. How do I bump it up to include shipping?
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