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Suggest any GUI App similar to digital wellbeing or Qualitytime for Ubuntu

I am new to Ubuntu. I want to count the total time spend on each app and on-screen time. Is there a software for the same? For example Digital Wellbeing and QualityTime.
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How to track time using zeitgeist in Ubuntu 20.04

I have no clue how to use zeitgeist after installing it with apt. It seems to be a tracker that dumps the data somewhere but there is no viewer!! The so called “GNOME Activity Journal” and zeitgeist-...
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Any program that locks programs for certain times?

I'm instituting some New Year's resolutions around productivity. One of those is to limit the frequency at which I check my email — and other communications channels. I primarily use Rambox for ...
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What are some software/filters to manage Internet use and time on Ubuntu?

I am aware of some software like Willow, DansGuardian, SquidGuard and Pluckeye. Many seem to be old or not so active, so I thought that maybe I am not searching with the right words. Just to be ...
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Terminal multiple countdown timer app for Bash / Zsh

I'm looking for an app to organize my daily tasks in different countdown timers similar to the one found at Features I'm looking for would be: runs in terminal bash or zsh ...
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Project Hamster Time Traker, lack of Unity support

I used to use the hamster time tracker. It is a wonderful application, easy to use and simple. However, with the move to Unity, it does not work properly due to the lack of integration. Are there any ...
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Is there any time tracker that is aware of Unity workspaces?

Hamster is unable to detect my four Unity 3D workspaces: Is there currently any time tracker that can?
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Tiny program to register work hours

I'm searching for a tiny application to register my working hours so when I come to work and power on my PC it registers my entrance and as I power off my PC it registers that I've left. I know it's ...
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A simple timer app, similar to timer-applet

I'm looking for a simple countdown timer application, something similar to timer-applet, which appears to be deprecated. (It's in the repositories but when I tried to install it there were dependency ...
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What Task and Time Management tools are available?

Is there a package to install in a server for task/time management? I want to create activities and add milestones to those activities, maybe it can have graphics reports too. I'd like to install it ...
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