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Changing the dark overlay background on the Activity- and Apps-overview screens, as well as behind dialog boxes (Gnome 3)

On Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Gnome version according the Settings app's "About" tab: 3.36.8 gnome-shell --version GNOME Shell 3.36.4 Theme: Yaru (the default; not the "light", not the &...
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How can I create custom themes Pluma editor for anyone to use?

Ubuntu MATE 20.10 groovy This "Pluma" code editor comes with Ubuntu mate (screenshot from In pluma > preferences > fonts & colors > Color scheme ...
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Applying kvantum themes to Gtk applications

Is there any way to apply Kvantum themes to Gtk applications in Kubuntu 18.04?
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Change Desktop's font family

I can change filename's colors with that css file. (gtk.css) But I can't set the font or bold property, it is still default font and bold. How can I change font familiy or font weight? Thanks! - ( ...
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Unity Theming Transparent Panel

I am making a theme for Ubuntu and just want to know 2 things (at the moment): How can I set the transparency of the panel from the theme and How can I set the height of the panel from within the ...
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What is the right way to develop themes for Ubuntu?

I forked the Ambiance theme to create my own one which I maintain. I wonder what's the best way to develop Ubuntu themes. My current solution is: Have the theme directory into ~/Documents/foo I make ...
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