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Questions tagged [terminology]

This tag is for questions about the correct name for something, or what particular terms might mean.

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What type of user interface does GNOME Terminal have?

I read here that a terminal emulator is just a wrapper program that runs a (command-line) shell. So we can type different commands into this shell (which runs inside a terminal application). In ...
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Ubuntu, Ubuntu Flavors, Ubuntu Remixes, Ubuntu Derivatives - what's the difference?

In the Ubuntu community, different terms come up using to describe different Ubuntu releases. At least 4 such terms exist: Ubuntu (Official) Ubuntu Flavors Ubuntu Remixes Ubuntu Derivatives So the ...
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Ceating a Nautilus action button for opening current directory in Terminology, Ubuntu 20.04

I have installed terminology in my Ubuntu 20.04 desktop. I changed my default Gnome terminal to Terminology using sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator and then selecting the ...
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How do I determine what's causing my Terminology terminal startup lag?

I've noticed recently that my Terminology terminal emulator lags when I open it up. It takes about 10 seconds to open a new window after I launch. Once it's open however, I don't notice any lag. I am ...
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What is meant by the term "i386" on the Ubuntu ISO file name?

I am trying to understand the different terminologies associated with the different CPU versions. Ubuntu 16.04 uses the term "i386" to refer to their 32-bit version of Ubuntu: http://old-releases....
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What are the elements of the GNOME Desktop?

Similar to What's the right terminology for Unity's UI elements?, what is the terminology for the various elements in GNOME Desktop? In particular, Is there a "HUD"? What's the name of the "...
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Upgrades available but after clicking install nothing happens

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and this red triangle sign (top right on the image) appears often, and when I click there and then click Install all updates nothing happens. This occurs often and is a ...
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Linux flavors and versions

I am a bit confused about the meaning of these two terms: flavor and version. I know it’s a very basic question but I am a beginner, so please explain it with some example that what they two mean and ...
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If the kernel is Linux, the desktop, and DM is Gnome, then what exactly is Ubuntu?

If the kernel is Linux, the desktop, and DE is Gnome (or Unity or KDE or whatever), then what exactly are Ubuntu, Debian and other linux OS'es?
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What do snap, snapd and Snappy refer to?

I understand (broadly) how snap packaging works. But what precisely do each of "snap", "snapd" and "Snappy" refer to? It seems like "snap" refers to many things (package format, terminal command...), ...
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What is the thing called in GNOME 3 that appears when you press the super key?

When using Ubuntu 16.04 with the GNOME desktop and pressing the super key it causes an overlay to appear that displays Workspaces, overview of Applications, Application Launcher on the left, and ...
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terminology works only in guest session

The program Terminology works perfectly only in guest session. Normal user or root experience following error: ERR<9467>:terminology main.c:3001 elm_main() Could not initialize key bindings. ...
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What is the difference between Ubuntu Server, Samba, and Apache Server?

I'm rather confused about the technical terminology of Ubuntu Server, Samba, and the Apache server. Are they all separate things? What do each do? Are Samba and Apache Server included in the Ubuntu ...
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Terminology on Ubuntu stopped working

Terminology (terminal emulator) was working fine till this morning (11th march 2015). So I suppose it should be an upgrade issue. Now I get this error ERR<8250>:eio lib/eio/eio_monitor.c:339 ...
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How can I make a mini English-Chinese dictionary for Ubuntu?

When you open your Ubuntu, many English words are used. For example, accessories, education, graphics, internet, office, other, sound, video, system tools, preferences, run, and log out will all ...
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What is the correct Gnome UI terminology?

There is the top bar, the message thing at the bottom, the activities overview section with all its little bits, but what are they officially called? What is the correct Gnome UI terminology which ...
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Is it possible to remove the default terminal and replace it with some other terminal (like terminator or terminology)?

Some non-default terminals have got extra features like splitting window etc. We can always use those terminals without uninstalling the original one but is there a way to remove the original one? ...
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What exactly is a script? [duplicate]

I am having some difficulty understanding what a script is. As far as I understand, it's a set of commands in a shell. And what's the difference between a bash script and a shell script? can somebody ...
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Why is the +8 timezone called GMT-8 in the filesystem?

I am in +8 timezone,After my trying, I must "ls -sf /etc/localtime /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/GMT-8"(not GMT+8 file), but after this setting, I can see the result of "date -R" is: "Wed, 03 Sep 2014 18:07:...
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How to install terminology emulator on Ubuntu 14.04?

Is it possible to install terminology on Ubuntu 14.04? I didn't find anything helpful. Thanks!
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What is the difference between Terminal, Console, Shell, and Command Line?

What is the difference between Terminal, Console, Shell, and Command Line?
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What is a changelog?

I am a relatively new Ubuntu user and want to know what a changelog is, and how to use it. It seems to come in response to some downloads, and I can't understand what it is.
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What is the difference between "Spread all Windows" and "Window Spread" in unity-tweak-tool?

I have Unity Tweak Tool v0.03 installed and it shows the options "Spread all Windows" and "Window Spread" in the Hotcorners section as different actions. What is supposed to be the difference ...
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Installing ClamAV and ClamTk

My computer experience dates from 1961 but I am an Ubuntu/Linux rookie. I am accustomed to downloading software, saving it, and merely clicking on it and voila it is installed. I have downloaaded ...
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What is the meaning of: Xorg, display manager, X server ?

I don't really have a problem, I was just wondering where I could find some documentation about what exactly X server, Xorg, LightDM and stuff like that does.. I always stumble upon those terms, I ...
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What does the tilde at the end of a file name stand for?

In Windows, I believe that files with a tilde in the file name represent files that are currently open in an application. For example, Microsoft Word creates a file with almost the same name as the ...
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What is the "Grave" button?

The quick help of Unity (long press on the Super button) shows that Switch windows of current application can be triggered by Alt+Grave keyboard shortcut. What is Grave? Here it is:
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Which is correct: "GNOME Classic" or "GNOME Fallback"?

Since the availability of Unity and GNOME Shell, I have noticed widespread confusion over whether the more "traditional" version of the GNOME desktop environment should be referred to as "GNOME ...
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What should I call this key?

Microsoft calls it the Windows key. Compiz calls it the Super key. uses Win and Super interchangeably. GNOME ambiguously calls it Meta, Super, or an OS-logo shift key. What should I ...
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What are the messages that pop up when the mouse is still called?

When you hover the pointer over a button or element of a program and a window pops up giving information about it, what is the message that pops up called?
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What is the term for the unity-menu/panel/input/taskbar/sidebar?

I.e., under Unity, what is the term for the panel that is opened when I press the super or window key that allows me to search for what I want to open or do? I've been tripping over myself with some ...
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What is a 'Distribution'?

I am new to Ubuntu. In fact, I just started using Linux. My question is: What is a distro?
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Is GNOME itself considered "software"?

The GNOME project aims to provide the user with a desktop environment, and it does consist of many pieces of software. There indeed is a foundation called the GNOME foundation, and there is a desktop ...
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What is the difference between a desktop environment and a window manager?

I'm having a really hard time trying to understand what the differences between a desktop environment and a window manager are? EDIT: From this article by Jack Wallen: There are basically three ...
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What are the differences between regular processes and services?

What are the differences between regular processes (like firefox, gimp, skype, etc.) and services (httpd, mysqld, etc.)? Obviously, services are different in their function, but I'm really wondering ...
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Proper way to set up releases in Launchpad?

I've only been a member of Launchpad for about 3 months and I still am having trouble figuring out the terminology. I have created a project with one branch - trunk. I have committed a few times to ...
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