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Questions tagged [system76]

Questions about using Ubuntu on System76 hardware.

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0 answers

Missing /proc/version_signature file

I have a System76 Gazelle laptop running Ubuntu 22.04. I tried to setup Ubuntu Pro, but it always shows the error, An error occurred when checking for Livepatch updates. While troubleshooting this I ...
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Upgrade to 22.04 - webcam light on and not usable

I have an old-ish System76 galago pro (galp3). Until today my webcam was working fine. I just upgraded it to 22.04 (from 20.04). The machine boots fine and the login screen with 3 users shows up. ...
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Pop shell changes tab alignment in Firefox

I have recently installed Pop Shell and I have noticed that in Firefox the first tab is shifted to the right, as can be seen in the following picture: Any ideas of what is causing this behavior and ...
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20.04 is going to sleep - Sleep should already be disabled

I have a brand new 20.04LTS Laptop that keeps going to sleep. When it goes to sleep, it does not wake up without a forced reboot (holding the power button). I have disabled sleep and hibernate with ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 configure laptop to wake up from keyboard or trackpad?

I have a System76 Galaga Pro laptop running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. When it suspends due to inactivity (like sitting with the lid open), I have to press the power button in order to wake it. I would much ...
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