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show-desktop is the function to hide all visible windows to show the desktop.

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Launcher-button show-desktop

With 18.04 we had a setting to add a show-desktop button on the launcher. With 20.04 we did it ourselves by installing xdotool and creating a .desktop-file. This does not work anymore; because of ...
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Running the GUI when the Ubuntu Server is started

I am using Ubuntu Server 18.04. When the server starts, I run the interface with the startx command and start using the interface. My question is: When I run my Raspberry Pi card, I want it to give ...
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How add keyboard shortcut for "show desktop" in Xubuntu 20.04?

In Xubuntu 20.04, I can't find a keyboard shortcut for "show desktop". For example, Ctrl+Alt+D does nothing. Of course I can define a new keyboard shortcut. The problem is I don't know what ...
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Minimizing all windows by clicking on a random part of the desktop

I'd like to know if there is a way to minimize all windows by clicking on a random part of the desktop (if the desktop is not completely hidden by the windows).
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How do I hide all windows in Ubuntu 18.04 by one click? [duplicate]

Just updated my Ubuntu to 18.04, but I couldn't find how to hide all windows with one click by the icon. In 16.04 it was something like "show Desktop" icon on the Ubuntu dock (left sidebar).
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Why show desktop (with alt tab) in kde renders alternatively two different things?

If I use task switcher to show the desktop, I obtain the first time: The second time: And so on further. Why?
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Too many Show Desktop extension icons under GNOME Panel

I used the GNOME extension at Gnome shell "show desktop" shortcut and now see too many desktop buttons. I think I might have tried to install it multiple times, apparently/maybe due to "...
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how to transfer IOS to router cisco

I would like to know how to install and configure tftp on ubuntu desktop 16.04 to upload a IOS to Cisco Router and to backup the IOS from Router. Thanks Fernando Ag
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How can I add "Show desktop" to the GNOME dash or Ubuntu Dock?

I am migrating from Unity to GNOME. One item I am missing is a "Show desktop" button (aka "minimise all windows") in the dash. How can I add this functionality to the GNOME dash (or Ubuntu dock in ...
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Vim editor and it's difference and how to repair these editor [duplicate]

What is difference between Vi and Vim in Ubuntu,Because when you type some text in vi it's much differ from what you type in vim . thank you
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Is there a way to remove something locked to the launcher using terminal?

I have Show Desktop locked on my launcher, and I can't appear to unlock it. Nothing happens when I right-click it unlike with other applications. Is there a way to unlock it from the launcher for ...
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Title bar is showing on "Desktop" in Cinnamon

In my Ubuntu 14.04 with Cinnamon desktop, the title bar is showing in the desktop. I have to tried Google for solutions but to no avail.
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Add Show Desktop Option to Gnome Pie

There is no default option for this. I have tried binding an icon to keyboard shortcut super+d but this only works occasionally. Is there a command I can have the icon run that would show desktop?
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'show desktop' crashes if nautilus is running on Ubuntu 14.10

I am using Ubuntu 14.10, kernel 3.19.3-031903-generic, nautilus version 3.12.2 My problem is that whenever I press Super+D keys or even Ctrl+Super+D to hide everything and go to desktop, my system ...
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Disable new keyboard shortcut for Show Desktop

After a recent upgrade of 14.04, an icon "Show Desktop" appeared in my launcher bar. I removed it with Unity Tweak Tool. A new keyboard shortcut was also setup: Super+D now also shows the desktop. ...
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How to Install My Unity to Ubuntu 14.04?

How can I install My Unity to my Ubuntu 14.04? The software center finds nothing when I search "my unity". Actually I need My Unity to enable "Show Desktop" action on the launcher. If there is an ...
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"show desktop" with "hot corners" not working!

The function SHOW DESKTOP when moving mouse to the HOT CORNERS in ubuntu 13.04 worked. After updating to 13.10, SHOW DESKTOP/HOT CORNERS only works until rebooting or setsid unity, after which it ...
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How to remove fade effect when "Hiding all normal windows" with CTRL+ALT+D shortcut (show desktop)?

I'm using Unity on 12.10, with most of the Compiz Effects disabled. I'd like to remove the fade effect when using the CTRL + ALT + D default shortcut to show the desktop. The effect consists in fading ...
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Show desktop shortcut on Pantheon

I'm using Elementary OS's Pantheon Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 12.04. What is the shortcut to show the desktop? How can I add Show Desktop icon on Wingpanel or on Plank Doc?
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How to change "Show desktop" effect?

In CCSM I set "Super+D" for showing desktop. Everything is fine but the effect. It just fade in and out. How could I change the effect for "Show Desktop"? Thanks for your time!
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Show Desktop in ubuntu launcher [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to add a “Show desktop” icon to the launcher? I have a problem in show desktop in the Unity launcher (Ubuntu 12.04) I had activated through Myunity than I moved it to the ...
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How to add a "Show desktop" icon to the launcher?

I recently upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04, and there is no show desktop in the launcher. I know I can use Ctrl+Super+D, but is there a way to get it in the launcher? Edit: I just installed the "show ...
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