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runit is a collection of tools to provide system-wide service supervision and to manage services.

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Runit: Effect of "Once" after reboot

A small question: does the once command for runit activate the run script once every startup / session; once, and then never again unless started manually; or once, and then kept alive by runit after ...
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Dev C++ Output Screen not coming

I installed Dev C++ using Wine on Ubuntu 18.04 and the program is compiling but it not showing any output screen.
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Visual studio code can't run

I have problem with running a Visual studio code on my Ubuntu 18.04, xps, dell 15" 9560. I managed to install it from snap store and I remember it worked well until installed few plugins like lint,...
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How to properly setup runit on Ubuntu 18.04

I've successfully installed runit via apt-get (at least I got no errors) Setting up runit (2.1.2-9.2ubuntu1) ... However, it seems runit isn't running itself, so to speak. Following command doesn't ...
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I have a few versions of Python on ubuntu 16.04 LTS -> how to remove some and not to break down the system

I've installed a few version of Python on ubuntu 16.04 LTS, please see a screenshot. When I tried to delete/uninstall one (not 2.7.12)-> I broke my system, then recovered again. Is there any way to ...
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sudo apt-get --install-suggests install git fails [duplicate]

When I try to install git along with its suggested packages, I get errors indicating that git-daemon-run and runit failed to install properly. Looking up the error messages leads me to https://bugs....
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Git-All and Runit Problems in 16.04 [duplicate]

When I am trying to install the git-all from the repositories sudo apt-get install git-all at the end of the installation process I get some errors: start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to ...
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While trying to install git, "errors were encountered while processing: runit, git-daemon-run" [duplicate]

I'm trying to install git using sudo apt-get install git-all but I'm getting an error message which ends as follows: Errors were encountered while processing: runit git-daemon-run E: Sub-process /...
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error with runit and upstart [duplicate]

Yesterday i try to install some package and i get error about runit . So i search on Internet and a fix was to sudo dpkg --force runit i did it but as i tried today sudo apt-get update i got ...
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Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused: Errors were encountered while processing: runit [duplicate]

I'm using Ubuntu 15.04. Whenever I tried to install any package, I got the error message in the title. How can I get rid of this annoying error message? :~$ uname -a Linux LongerVision001 3.19.0-25-...
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Start script in /etc/service (runit) is not working with daemon

I am facing an issue with a script I have kicked off through /etc/service and is using runit. My script at /etc/service/myApp/run looks like: #!/bin/bash cd /src forever -l forever.log -o out.log -e ...
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Is it safe to remove runit package?

I just upgraded my ubuntu box from 12.04 LST to 14.04 LTS. Now apt-get tells me: The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required: runit Use 'apt-get autoremove' ...
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reliably restarting services using upstart or runit

I want to reliably restart my app and web server processes on crash. If I understand correctly, runit starts every service as a child process. If the child process crashes this sends a signal to the ...
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Is init.d "safe" enough to use or should i use `runit` or `daemontools` on a server

I am looking to deploy my application on a server on which I would have no access in the future. I would like to have an indication of start-up errors generated by my program in particular and the ...