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Ubuntu 20.04 remote assistance from Windows

Does anyone know a software I can install in both Ubuntu and Windows to remote assist users on Linux by screen sharing? The IT assistance team uses Windows, the user needing assistance uses Ubuntu 20....
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remote assistance application

I goggled around a lot but I didn't find a proper answer to my question, so I'm going to ask it here. I convinced my parents to switch to Xubuntu and I would like to offer them remote assistance ...
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Free remote support applications? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there an equivalent to Windows Remote Assistance/iChat screen sharing? I'm using TeamViewer right now from my Ubuntu system to provide remote support for other Linux and ...
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What protocols support screen sharing on Empathy?

I am trying to follow the directions here but so far have not found a working protocol so I was wondering if anyone knew of a working protocol that works?
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Best VNC / remote desktop software for assistance

Poll on best VNC / remote desktop software for assisting others on Windows/Mac machines from Ubuntu? I've heard good things about TeamViewer and Fog Creek Copilot, but I'm wondering if the included ...
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Is there an equivalent to Windows Remote Assistance/iChat screen sharing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Remote Desktop similar to Teamviewer? I'm used to being able to help my parents through iChat screen sharing on OS X and Remote Assistance on Windows. Is there something that ...
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