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How can I remove a prefix from {latest-tag} in a Launchpad recipe?

I have a Launchpad recipe that looks like this: # git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {latest-tag}-0~{time}~rev{revno}~pkg{revno:packaging} lp:kvantum master nest packaging lp:~krisives/kvantum/+...
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Launchpad Build Recipes: How do I correctly specify build dependencies for packages in the same PPA?

I am trying to build Code::Blocks IDE on Ubuntu 16.04 using this recipe: It needs libwxgtk2.8-dev, which isn't in the 16.04 ...
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How to create PPA packages for ARM or PowerPC in Launchpad?

When I request builds in this recipe it only creates 32 bit and 64 bit packages. How to create packages for armhf, arm64, or PowerPC?
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Can we use svn2cl on launchpad buildbots?

I've done a build bot for doxbox and currently i'm merging a packaging bzr repo - but that repo has the changelog outdated - and i don't want to have to maintain it. I've read dosbox autogenerates it'...
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What is a suitable place to ask for help when getting PPA build errors?

I am trying to work on some PPA recipes. As I am getting build errors I am seeking help from the community in order move forward. Where can I find a suitable forum for getting help?
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Scale a recipe in krecipes

How can I scale recipes in krecipes? Suppose I have a recipe in krecipes which is for 4 persons. Now want to scale the amount of incredients that it fits for 3 persons (or even 3.5 if you have 3 ...
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How to use a recipe to deal with PPA package dependency change across distribution

I am using a recipe to keep a program packaged in my ppa. From Oneiric onwards it seems that some of the dependency locations have changed. specifically the (and a couple other QT libs)....
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How to add recipes to cooking recipe programs (Gourmet Recipe Manager)

I am testing out the Gourmet Recipe Manager but the instructions to add many recipes in one step are in an alien language since I have not yet been able to add a recipe. Is there a place where I can ...
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How do I use a Launchpad recipe for patching and building an original package?

I have a patch against vim which applies to packaged version. I would like to automate this, so that when new ubuntu is released, the newer unpatched vim gets patched & built using a recipe. I ...
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Launchpad dailybuild source in subdirectory of branch

I have a repo branch that i have mirrored in Launchpad that I am trying to setup a daily build. The problem is that the source directory of the package is a subdirectory in the branch. When building ...
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What are Launchpad packaging recipes and how can I use them?

As I understand it, packaging recipes are a way to automate packaging into a PPA from a bzr branch. What I'm not sure of is how to go about setting one up. I have read the documentation but for some ...
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How to fix "No previous changelog" failure in Launchpad's PPA auto-builds?

So I want to start using Launchpad to push some packages. I use GitHub to upload my code to, and I have noticed that there is an option to upload/import from a Git repository (that is what I did). It ...
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How to apply a changelog file to packages in a PPA when building from recipe?

When my package gets build by launchpad using a recipe, it ignores the ./debian/changelog file I provide, and it generates a useless one like following: harmonyseq (0.14~natty1) maverick; urgency=low ...
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How to use one recipe to create packages for different ubuntu series (trouble with ./debian/changelog)?

The launchpad's beta feature allows to create ubuntu packages using recipes. I got them to work, and I am now able to use them for packaging my project. However, I have little trouble with the ./...