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In ~/.pam_environment are set the session environment variables.

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What should I use in instead of ~/.pam_environment (deprecated)?

I used to put user-specific settings like LANGUAGE and PAPERSIZE in ~/.pam_environment, but the manual and the warning emitted on login tells me: Due to problematic security this functionality is ...
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On Ubuntu 20.04, unable to ssh to server, after upgrade from 18.04

After upgrading ubuntu from 18.04 to 20.04, unable to connect to host with my user Below are the logs from auth.log Mar 28 12:27:13 tpvm sshd[1590]: debug1: userauth-request for user XXXXX service ssh-...
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Local modifications to /etc/pam.d/common-*, not updating

Just like any normal day, I ran "sudo apt upgrade", but it gave me this: Local modifications to /etc/pam.d/common-*, not updating. pam-auth-update: Run pam-auth-update --force to override. What ...
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Login Loop in Ubuntu 16.04 after editing the Path

I was editing the path as said in this page: Source After I did that, I logged out, and ever since that, I was not able to Login. I have tried various Login Loop Remedies said in this Exchange, but ...
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.pam_environment not applied on first login but applied on successive logins

I have a ~/.pam_environment file. When I start my computer and login, those environment variables are not applied, but when I logout and login again they are applied.
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Is it safe to comment out kwallet in lightdm and lightdm-greeter?

I have a problem. I am getting some annoying logs of pam_kwallet not found. This is because of kwallet is not installed in my system. If I run the command more /etc/pam.d/* I am getting the below ...
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What's the right place to set the XAUTHORITY environment variable?

I'm trying to get rid of the .Xauthority file in my home directory. The arch wiki suggests defining export XAUTHORITY="$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/Xauthority but neither placing this line in .profile nor ...
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pam_authenticate return's PAM_MODULE_UNKNOWN ( returns 28 ), how to resolve?

Downloaded the source Linux-PAM-1.3.0.tar.gz version then, configured and compiled using command ./configure --prefix=/u02/tasks/linux-pam/Linux-PAM-1.3.0/output/pre --exec-prefix=/u02/tasks/linux-...
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How do I deny a particular user from getting root ( through su ) in a terminal by changing the /etc/pam.d/su ? Pam based controlling is required [duplicate]

There are two users in ubuntu (let's call them user1 and user2). Currently, user1 can get access root access using the below commands: user1@sai:~$ su Password: root@sai:/home/user1# However, I ...
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How to log into another user if the entered password is wrong?

How tp configure PAM in order to log as a special user (call it wrongpass-user) if a wrong password is entered for any other user?
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4 answers

Dollar sign in environment variable's value

Is it a bad practice to have a dollar sign in an environment variable's value? ex: MY_VAR="$toto" To be more precise, I would like to set it in the /etc/environment file to be accessible by a java ...
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~/.pam_environment is not workig for root

I want to use zsh for root with oh-my-zsh. I already have oh-my-zsh cloned by my regular user, so all I need to do is to set ZSH env variable to that directory. So I put this in my /root/....
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How to set session-wide environment variables and PATH?

I have seen other people on the Internet also having this problem but the solutions have been non-conclusive, so I wanted to bring it to attention again. According to this page in Ubuntu wiki: https:/...
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2 answers

.pam_environment not loaded in TTY

I have environment variables set in ~/.pam_environment and they exist as expected in any graphical terminal emulator I open. If I open a virtual terminal, e.g. TTY1, and login, my PAM environment ...
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how to setup two factor authentication in Ubuntu for Ubuntu users using Google authenticator?

How to setup two factor authentication in Ubuntu for Ubuntu users using Google authenticator (It can also be setup for non Google accounts)?
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nofile limit not changed for sh command in non-interactive session

Running 12.04.3 LTS A user submitting a batch job to the queue was receiving a 'too many open files error' Investigation suggested changing the /etc/security/limits.conf file which has been done ...
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Why this .pam_environment setting prevents me from logging in? [duplicate]

I'm trying to move things from my .bashrc to .pam_enviroment because of this. I've put the following into my .pam_environment but this prevents me from logging in because there should be some mistake. ...
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Help Understanding Line in .bashrc

I've tried looking everywhere to determine what this line does in my .bashrc. The reason I want to know is because now ~/.pam_environment is recommended. This is the line: [[ -s /home/$USER/.nvm/nvm....
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PATH is not affected by .pam_environment

Running Ubuntu 13.04, I'm trying to add variables to PATH for the session, which is recommended to do inside .pam_environment, but nothing seems to work. Here's what it looks like: JAVA_HOME ...
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~/.pam_environment doesn't work since Ubuntu 13.04 [duplicate]

I have this line in my ~/.pam_environment: PATH DEFAULT=${HOME}/bin:${HOME}/.local/bin:${PATH} and it worked perfectly well on Ubuntu 12.10, but since I've updated to 13.04 it is ...
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