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Moving program to /opt to make it accessible to all users?

I use a program that is saved in my /home/vincent/Downloads directory (program is actually a game, I downloaded it...AppImage file), I normally start the program by double-clicking on it... Now I ...
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./etc/opt/OS is taking the 49GB of my space while it's not a dir

du -cha --max-depth=1 /etc/opt/OS | grep -E "M|G" 49G /etc/opt/OS 49G total root:/etc/opt# cd /etc/opt/OS bash: cd: /etc/opt/OS: Not a directory root:/etc/opt# dir OS what is the ...
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How to remove manually installed Python version in opt?

I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu, and I recently followed this tutorial: as part of a course for learning Python, and no longer need it. I was never ...
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/tmp: Scheme missing, same error even when I create a "tmp" folder. What exactly is the problem and how do I fix this?

so i am trying install maven following the steps on this website for "Step 2: Download and Install Maven": and i get the following error: /...
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How to use Inkstitch with Inkscape?

I am; a new newbie. How do I actually open "inkstitch"? I have attempted install/reinstall of both Inkscape and Inkstitch, for 2 weeks. (Ubuntu 21.10) I am able to find user extensions & ...
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Allowing Chrome DevTools access to /opt

I am trying to debug a node program using the Chrome inspector. When I try to add the folder the program is in ( which is in /opt/lampp/htdocs/nodestuff ) to the workspace, I receive a "...
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Notepad++ wont show or open /opt/ files and directories

Ubuntu Version : 18.04 LTS I have given all persmission on /opt directories. I am able to view edit and save files in the /opt/ directory from gedit. But Notepad++ doesnt show any folders or files in /...
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opt premission error

am using Ubuntu Server 20.04 and I'm having permission issue while running a script. Steps taken: cd /opt/ sudo git clone --depth 1 A sudo ln -s /opt/A/...
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How do I move a file from the Downloads folder into the opt folder on Ubuntu?

I am trying to install a network simulator onto Ubuntu on my virtual machine(VMWare). It requires me to move the file downloaded into the opt folder in order for me to run other commands for ...
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How to run Popcorn Time as simple user

I just installed Popcorn Time following this tutorial. When I run it as main user (the one who can use sudo privileges) without sudo, it works perfectly. But when another user tries to run it from ...
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What should I do with a program directory for its installation?

I downloaded a tar of Ovito, now I don't how to continue. The principal idea is to place this in /opt, but is this a good idea? The directory structure is like the following ovito-2.9.0-x86_64 ├── ...
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How to correctly run AppImage and other programs in /opt?

I am under the impression that it is a good ideal to install applications to /opt Therefore, whenever I download a program I place it in /opt. However, some of these are AppImages and some of them ...
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