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Net monitoring program for Ubuntu that can filter by pid, showing destination IPs with the ability to save logs

Sometimes I use cloud gaming service. The problem, however, is that all my Internet traffic goes through the vpn by default. I want to exclude game traffic from vpn and I know how to do it, but what i ...
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NetHogs showing suspicious (outgoing) traffic to random ports from root on Ubuntu 16.04

Using NetHogs on an Ubuntu 16.04 (web) server, i.e. on a machine where no consumer applications or web browsers are installed, besides traffic that is to be expected (HTTP and SSH) PID USER ...
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usr/lib/snapd/snapd uses much bandwidth

My problem is with snapd. When I connect my pc to my mobile hotspot, my pc downloads lots of data. I downloaded nethogs and I saw usr/lib/snapd/snapd downloads sometimes with mb/s. I thought this ...
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Why does the snapd service use so much data?

I am on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Updated the system to the latest. Recently I noticed something unusual on Ubuntu with my Internet connection. My limited Internet quota was used up quickly by something ...
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nethogs shows 0 KB although I have traffic

I am running a network related program that performs TLS handshakes with many hosts. I ant to monitor the network traffic so I used nethogs. It shows 0 KB. NetHogs version 0.8.5-2 PID USER ...
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Create a shortcut on desktop that opens and execute a command with root permission in a terminal

I want to create a shortcut that opens terminal and run sudo nethogs command without asking me for root permission.
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Why doesn't nethogs show correct total

This happens from time to time and I can't find out what's utilizing part of by bandwidth.
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big uploading wifi is availble before booting

It seems that if I have my tether on before booting, there is a strong upload from my system to the phone. However, it also seems that nothing is being uploaded from my phone to the internet. How ...
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Nethogs → creating socket failed while establishing local IP - are you root?

Following update of my Kubuntu, I'm not able to monitor my network consumption using nethogs: sudo nethogs enp1s0 creating socket failed while establishing local IP - are you root? Kernel $ uname -...
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