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Masters of the Universe (MOTUs)

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Ubuntu Studio LTS 22.04 - How to get MOTU Midi USB interfaces to work?

Specifically looking for how to get my MOTU Midi Express, Midi Express 128 and Micro Lite USB midi interfaces to work.
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Why don't some packages in lp exist in the Ubuntu Software Centre?

I always thought that it was MOTU's job not only to bring packages into the universe repository but also make them available in the Ubuntu Software Center. There are many stable releases of ...
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How do I get a MOTU 828 MK II working? [closed]

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10, which is proving to be a nice OS - it's pretty fun to learn. I was wondering how to get Ubuntu to recognize my MOTU 828 Mk II firewire audio DSP (?) unit. It's ...
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How can you suggest the addition of a new package?

This bug has had a solution proposed in comment 4 which involves the addition of a new package to the system. How would I bring this to the attention of the developers?
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How do I propose my project to be part of Debian too?

I have a new project hosted at My project can be useful for both: Ubuntu and Debian. However, I can't find a documentation to start host my project at and get my package ...
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Why isn't Metasploit in Ubuntu's software repositories?

Why isn't Metasploit in Ubuntu's software repositories? More broadly, on what basis is software chosen or not to be added to the official Ubuntu repositories? Who takes those decisions? etc.
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2 answers

What is in the future for REVU

Now that there is the Post Release Apps Process in place and there is a big push to get new software into Ubuntu, what are the future plans for REVU? Will there be an application review board for ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Diff'ing different versions of the same debian package

Is there any way to get source diffs between a locally-installed package and its updated one? This will be useful to check exactly which parts have been fixed, changed or added. For example, say you ...
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How can I get the latest version of Assault Cube?

The one that is currently up is pretty outdated; I was just curious if one such as myself could update, package then upload it?
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Ubuntu packaging in bzr

A while ago there was talk of moving all (or at least some?) of the packaging effort to bzr branches on launchpad. I seem to remember there were a number of benefits mentioned, such as making it ...
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How do I handle patch rejects after applying patches with uupdate?

I used uupdate to update a source package from 0.7.0 to 0.7.3. It does this update with patches and I had a few patch rejects. I am unsure what to do next. Do I: edit the old source package (0.7.0)...
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What are the biggest barriers to walking the MOTU/developer path? [closed]

For those who are not MOTU (people who maintain the Universe and Multiverse software repositories) and do not have plans of the "I will apply to MOTU by $date" variety: What keeps you and others like ...
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What is a MOTU?

Also,how can I become one?
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How do i create my own php 5.3.3 package/ppa?

I really would like to create a package for php 5.3.3 and then make a ppa for it (I would like the php-fpm support but inside the newest release), however this question goes further than this. I ...
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