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Stop MATE panel being dragged with touch

I have a touch screen computer running Ubuntu MATE 22.04. When I accidentally touch on the MATE panel, the panel is dragged to another location, which is very inconvenient, because sometimes I end up ...
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Items missing from desktop when using rdp

I access Ubuntu 22.04 Mate from Windows remote desktop. When I log in, the top and bottom bars are missing from the desktop. While searching for a solution, I found that the command mate-panel --...
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How to change text color in top/bottom menu bar in Ubuntu MATE

I want to use the black color of the panel, but in this case the black text on a black background is not visible. How to change the text color? I use BlueMenta theme.
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Program launchers suddenly do not respond in MATE

Today when I turned on my computer running Ubuntu 20.04, Mate 1.24.0, I encountered very curious behavior. The top panel contains Application Places System and various program launchers. None of ...
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Change Icon of Main Menu in Panel (Mate)

I already was able to change the icon of the Main Menu in the panel of Mate using these suggestions Change icon on MATE main menu Yesterday, suddenly menu was gone, I fixed it and eanted to assign &...
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Change default media player on Ubuntu Mate Indicator Applet Complete

Little help. Where on Ubuntu Mate do you set the default app that displays on the "Indicator Applet Complete" when you click the speaker/sound icon? I have checked many settings and options. ...
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20.04 MATE desktop - clock in panel occasionally shows UTC

Testing a newly upgraded Ubuntu 20.04 system with the MATE desktop installed. The panel clock normally shows the desired US Central Time. But every now and then it sneakily reverts to UTC - This ...
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MATE panel not showing

21.04 MATE up to date today. My MATE desktop comes up without panels. Each time I have to issue $ mate-panel reset This restores the panel but also displays the message Unable to open desktop file ...
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Ubuntu Mate 20.04 keyboard layout panel indicator missing

After upgrade to 20.04 and resetting the panel settings I can no longer see the keyboard layout indicator on the panel. Not sure about exact steps to reproduce it. I suppose, you can remove the "...
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How do I stop programs from closing when I right click them on the taskbar?

I'm using a laptop, and I keep accidentally right clicking on programs in the taskbar. As it's currently set up, when I right click an item on the taskbar, it closes that program. How do I change it ...
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How to correctly get command output while using Command Applet in MATE?

I have added Command Applet to the MATE Panel. I planed to use a command with some scripting inside to check server availability - something like wget --quiet https://someserver -O - | grep -s ...
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