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How to get all time working hours on Ubuntu Server?

I own a server which is a hardware solution, and I want to see the whole amount of time it has worked. Like sum of all the uptimes. e. g. if it worked 3 hrs and then stopped and after 3 days worked 5 ...
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Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Jammy Jellyfish updates/upgrades held back by APT? [duplicate]

USER_NAME@MACHINE_NAME:~$ sudo apt update ... The following packages have been kept back: fprintd isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common libpam-fprintd 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not ...
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Check my Hardware status [duplicate]

Is there any software I can use to check the status and wear of my hardware? For example the status of my SSDs.
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Logging off users with a countdown message

I want to do some maintenance on a server but in order to do that I need all users to be logged off. But I want to send I message (like shutdown do when you want to shutdown the system) to all the ...
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Server maintenance: Disallow SSH and HTTP for everybody except myself

How can I turn off SSH and HTTP services for everybody except myself? Background: Our server is running inside a VM. I make a snapshot of the VM before starting maintenance. When something goes wrong,...
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Emergency mode due to filesystem check

On bootup, filesystem check occurs and it stops at 61% and I am redirected to a page with the message you are in the emergency mode. I don't know what to do next. This is the message that I get at ...
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Remove/Purge program with all residuals

In my quest to fix a conflict with AirVPN client and AA 17.10, I have decided to uninstall Air and remove all residual files, threads, ect. DNS conflicts & no connect wifi VPN Investigating the ...
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What do you do before sending your self-installed linux machine to the manufacturer for service?

I was just wondering what people do when their linux machine (which was previously running Windows) needs to go into the manufacturers shop for maintenance. I have this ASUS laptop that I've been ...
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what are the things I have to do regularly on ubuntu to stay up to date [closed]

What do you recommend an average home or office user (provided they also have root access to the machine they're using) do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis or so to keep their system clean, fast,...
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Switching back to an older version having high period of security and maintenance [duplicate]

I am presently using ubuntu 15.10. Just want to know if I can switch back to an older version which has more security and maintenance as 15.10 has only a 9 month one.
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What to do to a gnawing laptop

My laptop model no. is HP-630 .The battery of my laptop is not working at all. Even if I fully charge it, after 30-45 minutes a message gets displayed that the battery has been exhausted. The ...
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7 answers

Leave old kernels installed could be dangerous?

I have been using ubuntu for almost 2 years now and I always encounter guides on the internet on how to uninstall old kernel versions. Even here in Ask Ubuntu there are many questions in this way. ...
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Why is Ubuntu 15.04 End Of Life Jan 2016 [duplicate]

I just got Ubuntu 15.04 running well, still customizing of course. Why is there an End Of Life so soon, Jan 2016? There are many things still being worked out how can it end that quick?
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How to reduce software that is running during idle desktop state, and not needed otherwise?

I see lots of stuff running on my PC that I do not really need. Is there a somewhat systematic way to reduce that? The priority is on geting rid of software that is actually active, or sometimes ...
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fdisk sector size and alignment issues

I executed the command: # fdisk /dev/sda1 The output was: The device presents a logical sector size that is smaller than the physical sector size. Aligning to a physical sector (or optimal I/O) ...
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Remove source code directories after compiling ffmpeg?

I've just finished compiling ffmpeg. The code was downloaded into ~/src, then configured it, ran make, and then checkinstall. It seems to be working good. Now that all that is done, is it now safe to ...
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Why are there deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives/?

Why are there deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives/? In what cases were the deb files downloaded into that directory?
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Why are apt-get repositories hardcoded to a specific release?

From the usability point of view, I do not understand why on each release upgrade you have to manually patch all the URLs of apt in order to make them point to the newer distribution. Why is not ...
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First steps in verifying random crashes?

Recently my system has been acting weird. I consider it stable and I leave my system pretty much running 24/7. However, just about an hour ago I decided to get out of the PC for a bit and do my things,...
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How do I perform maintenance on a master DNS/DHCP (BIND9/ISC-DHCP) Ubuntu server?

I'm running non-GUI Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS (64-bit) on my 2 DNS/DHCP servers. Both servers are running BIND9 9.8.1-P1 and ISC-DHCP-SERVER 4.1.ESV-R4-0ubuntu5.6. Please note that for DNS I'm ...
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How can I maintain my system without a root password?

Is there a default root password for maintenance for ubuntu? We have tried to reset the password and now it has a prompt for the root password for maintenance where do we go from here ? The computer ...
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Causes of files disappearing and ways of prevention?

My brother told me two weeks ago that some of his files were missing and last week all of his files disappeared (together with some installed programs). The weird thing is that the folder structures ...
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How to run Ubuntu Tweak's janitor automatically?

My aim is to have the janitor running at startup, with a pre-configured profile (e.g. clean old packages and empty the browser cache), much like CCleaner's /AUTO parameter on Windows. The website is ...
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should `dist-upgrade` be followed with a reboot?

Following a periodic, in my case weekly, run of: apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade is there much benefit from rebooting?
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How to organize periodic maintenance tasks?

I have a couple thinks I like to do every now and then, but that are connected to some things that cannot be determined by the computer directly, like those: Create a backup of some FTP servers. The ...
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Why is my system becoming gradually slower and how should I fix it?

I've noticed that the more time passes since I installed the system the more unresponsive it gets. Booting up takes for ever, login screen loads slow, logging in takes about 3-4 seconds, when first ...
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Will the 12.04.1 ISO appear on the Ubuntu website?

Following the release schedule for 12.04 here, I see that today, the 12.04.1 maintenance release will come out. Since it includes all updates found for 12.04 up until today and saves me a lot of ...
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Filesystem filling up due to large uvcydnctrl-udev.log file

Now my installation of Ubuntu costs me more than 100 GB of the hard drive space. And whenever I try fslint and fdupes, they say Permission denied to delete the duplicates. Please help me guys. ...
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Is Ubucleaner script still a good idea?

I wonder to know if should I use ubucleaner script on Ubuntu Oneiric/Precise?
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How large can Nautilus's thumbnail cache grow?

Nautilus's thumbnail cache in ~/.thumbnails has grown to several hundred megabytes. Do I need to be concerned about unrestricted growth of this in the long term, or is its size automatically managed ...
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Is system cleanup/optimization needed

Does Ubuntu need regular cleanups like Windows. For example: Cleaning the logs Temporary files Package cache Dependencies left over I am not referring to web browsers only. In case I never do a ...
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How do I clean up my dconf database?

Dconf is pretty young, yet my database is already a mess with lots of "schema-less" keys. Is there a way to do some cleaning up, or would I need to start from scratch (by removing ~/.config/dconf/user ...
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Five years old Ubuntu system - dist-upgrades always went fine, however some tasks remain

I have a PC with a current Ubuntu distribution installed. I've upgraded many times since 5.10. It always went well, however some tools or features were kind of left behind in a unsatisfactory state: ...
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Physically check ram without rebooting the server?

I have a production Ubuntu server in a remote location, which recently started to behave strangely. I suspect RAM errors, and want to have a physical RAM check without rebooting, Live CDs or ...
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What are the common maintenance tasks?

When i was using windows, i used to run defrags, ccleaner and revouninstaller once a month to keep the system and the registry clean. I know ubuntu (and all linux distro) has a different system ...
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