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Remap several key: Alt_L key to have the same behavior as Alt_R (or Alt gr) + remap caps lock to escape

I want to change the behavior of the Alt_L key on my keyboard (keycode 64) so that it has the same behavior as the Alt_R (keycode 108 or Alt gr) on Ubuntu 22.04. the output of the following command ...
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22.04 Airplane mode activated whenever lid closes/opens, screen switches orientation, or tablet mode is activate/deactivated

I have a 2022 HP 14" Spectre x360, which can flip into tablet mode and has an accelerometer to switch the screen orientation. However, when I installed Ubuntu 22.04 on it, I found that switching ...
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Explain the internal mechanism of the "Keyboard Layout Options" from the aspect of the remapping of scancode, keycode, or keysym

I would like you to explain the internal mechanism of the "Keyboard Layout Options" from the aspect of the remapping of scancode, keycode, or keysym. I am talking about the GUI "...
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Laptop Fn key code for bindsym in i3wm

I am using i3wm with ubuntu 20.04. I would like to Fn+Left/Right work as End/Home like in my previous laptop. I know how to make bindsyn in i3wm config but I cannot find Fn code. I used xev but it ...
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Trigger Ctrl+key keycode or Hiragana to Control

I have a JIS keyboard with Katana & Hiragana keys I am trying to bind Control keys. I tried editing the following file JIS Keyboard Layout Keyboard Characters but it fails to change the keyboard ...
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`evtest` does not report scancode for TPPS/2 Elan TrackPoint on ThinkPad X1 C6

I am trying to identify scancodes for the three buttons below the space bar (above the trackpad) on my ThinkPad X1C6 using evtest as well as evemu-record. The buttons are working fine but no scancodes ...
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" ] " and " [ " are not being mapped properly with xsetwacom

i'm trying to map my drawing tablet buttons and the command to do that for my particular scenario is: xsetwacom --set 'Tablet Monitor Pad pad' Button 1 "key a" xsetwacom --set 'Tablet Monitor Pad pad'...
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xev doesn't record keycode of lock screen key

I just got a lenovo ideapad 720s and installed Ubuntu. It has no media control keys (play/pause, next/prev track), so I wanted to remap some keys I don't use including the lock screen key. But when I ...
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IR remote - some media keys won't work (KEY_NEXTSONG / KEY_PREVIOUSSONG)

I read a lot of texts to come this far :) After 17.04 upgrade LIRC didn't work anymore with my I did find out about using ir-keytable. (This post helped me a lot!) So after uninstalling ...
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How to convert keycodes to key?

It's easy to get the keycode of a given key (showkey,xev etc) but how can one convert this keycode back to a key, for different keyboard layouts? (key->keycode, and back) For example: keycode(MetaKey)=...
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setkeycodes does not change keycode

I have a fresh install of 16.04 on a new Levono Ideapad 500S. I've been trying to make the brightness keys work and have finally managed to hook up the brightness up key to work as expected. However, ...
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Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS: How to show scancodes?

I want to show my scancodes, because Ubuntu doesn't map my keyboard correctly. (Multiple keys (Alt, Alt Gr and Strg) have the same keycode and act like Caps Lock). Windows 10 maps my keyboard ...
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Get key name from keycode

I am writing a shell script that uses xinput, and I would like to get a human-readable description of what the user has typed using the keycode from xinput. For example, A generates 38. Ctrl is 37. ...
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Configuring keyboard hotkeys with same scancodes and different keysyms

I have a bluetooth keyboard Samsung bkb10. It is keyboard for andoind mainly, so it does not have alt, super(winkey), f1-f12, menu, but has lots of hotkeys(most of them work nice under linux). But ...
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How do I correct this mismapped stylus button?

I'm running Kubuntu 15.10 on an HP Spectre x360, which has a non-Wacom active digitizer built into the display. I'm using a two-button stylus with this, but the second button doesn't work. I couldn't ...
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Multiple keycodes not working at the same time

I'm using xubuntu 14.04. I'm having a problem when pressing some keybinds (specifically with some keycodes). Thus, show you the result of xev when pressing first Alt_R and then Alt_L. KeyPress event, ...
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Get keyboard scancodes in Ubuntu 13.10

I'm trying to find out the scancodes for a set of foot pedals so that I can rebind them to more useful keys. In older versions of Ubuntu I was able to do this using /lib/udev/keymap as discussed here, ...
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Bind command lines to keys

Is there a way to make this command line to activate every time i press a certain button? xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown I mean how can I bind it to a key? Also, which one of the keycodes are ...
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atkbd.c spamming the logs. How to get rid? what is this?

On my Vostro 1000 notebook the following messages spam my dmesg: [18678.728936] atkbd.c: Unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0x8d on isa0060/serio0). [18678.728941] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes ...
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How to find keycodes for Fn + keys?

I'm trying to find out the keycode for Fn+← keypress (left arrow). Xev outputs FocusOut event, serial 36, synthetic NO, window 0x3c00001,    mode NotifyGrab, detail NotifyAncestor FocusIn event, ...
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How do I fix F10, F11 and F12?

What software are related to the Keyboard? or the Keyboard configuration? Problem It's local, only at my account. It doesn't help If I try the reassign the keys they still won't work. Info My ...