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Telepathy is the service doing the behind-the-scenes work for instant messaging using Empathy and a variety of other programs.

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How to configure telegram online account from kde system settings

I'm using kubuntu and whenever I try to configure a telegram online account I get the message: This IM Account cannot be created - a Telepathy Connection Manager named 'morse' is missing or it ...
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How Install "Telepathy Connection Manager"

When I want to configure instants messaging, for some applications like Office365 lync and Telegram, I receive this error: This IM Account cannot be created - a Telepathy Connection Manager named '...
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KDE Telepathy Google account

I recently upgraded from Kubuntu 14.10 to 15.10 (via 15.04) with Plasma 5.4. The migration from KDE SC 4 to Plasma 5 went rather smoothly (except for some weird hiccup while migrating kwallet... but ...
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Disable KDE Chat application and system tray icon

I am using a KDE desktop on a "normal" Ubuntu installation. At one point I set up some chat accounts but I stopped using them a year or so ago. Now I want to get rid of the system tray icon for chat. ...
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IRC chat on Telepathy

I'm trying to figure out how to get IRC working on Telepathy. I have installed the telepathy-idle package as suggested here and here. I have installed these telepathy packages ii kde-config-...
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Local chat between empathy and telepathy?

Empathy and telepathy, both have local chat, or chat for LAN. How configure local chat for obtain communication between empathy and telepathy clients ? Clarification: In a LAN, one pc use telepathy ...
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How can I stop the kde-telepathy UI from appearing under Unity when I use the messaging menu?

KDE Telepathy keeps getting in the way every time I try to use Empathy from the messaging menu. If I get a message, it opens in the KDE telepathy UI instead of in Empathy. This is rather frustrating ...
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