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I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit, eye-squared-C), alternatively known as I2C or IIC, is a synchronous, multi-controller/multi-target (controller/target), packet switched, single-ended, serial communication bus invented in 1982 by Philips Semiconductors. It is widely used for attaching lower-speed peripheral ICs to processors and microcontrollers in short-distance, intra-board communication.

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Unable to change I2C clock dtc

Good afternoon dear friends, The goal: -> Change i2c clock frequency to 400kHz The motivation: -> Trying to use Adafruit BNO085 via i2c and there are known issues with rpi i2c clock stretching. (...
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Ubuntu 22.04 i2c

I have install Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS on my Asus T300 Kernel: Linux sea-console 5.19.0-43-generic #44~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Mon May 22 13:39:36 UTC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux However, ...
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Upgrading broken ACPI tables on a Chuwi GemiBook Pro

I am trying to fix the acpi tables on my GemiBook Pro. On a stock Linux (any kernel version) I get ACPI errors in dmesg which lead to the i2c interface not working at all. Following the ACPI errors, I ...
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Building C++ program with i2c-dev lib

I have been trying to build a C++ program using the i2c-dev.h library on Ubuntu Core 22.04.02 LTS, so I can read and write I2C packets. But I can't get my program to build correctly. I tried including ...
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Real Time Clock

I am trying to let a RTC works under Ubuntu 22.04. I have a Kunbus RevPi Core 3+ (i.e. a Raspberry CM 3 with some nice Hardware attached to it) which has on board a PCF2129 from NXP Semiconductor. I ...
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How do I install a driver for an Ilitek I2511 touchpad controller?

I am trying to set up a custom driver to do some experimentation with a proprietary device and access the firmware, which is possible to do via I2C but it needs to be set up in a specific way. Without ...
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22.04 / HP Omen 17 / RGB Keyboard

Help,sometime in the recent past, my RGB keyboard sort of stopped working, it only works in breathing mode which I am assuming is the default mode when not connected. The keyboard used to work fine, ...
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i2c error nvidia-gpu

I installed new kernel uname -r 6.0.0-1007-oem And after this I get error on booting and nvidia-driver (nvidia-driver-525-open) doesnt work Dec 7 21:38:57 pc kernel: [ 8.169416] nvidia-gpu 0000:...
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22.04 LTS booting 25s delay [ 25.710318] i2c_hid_acpi: probe of i2c-INT33D1:00 failed with error -61

I'm tired of waiting so long for my Acer R3-471 laptop to start up because of this error that shows every time. Apparently from a little googling it's an issue with the touchpad but other than some ...
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i2c Installation Failing On Raspberry Pi Running Ubuntu

I am using a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu, and I've been trying to set up a four-pin OLED screen (without success). For context, here's the tutorial I've been following. I understand that it is ...
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Goodix I2C Touchscreen recognised as a keyboard

I have an "Iota flo 360" laptop running ubuntu studio 22.04LTS on which the touchscreen doesn't work. It's a cheap Celeron based machine, I have it dual booting and the touchscreen works on ...
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Why do lsusb and lspci command not show touchscreen device?

Ubuntu 20.04 My laptop has touchscreen device which enables touching function. I can view its info by command less /proc/bus/input/devices. It looks like: I: Bus=0018 Vendor=06cb Product=1a1b Version=...
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What's the next step in resolving non-working touchscreen?

The touchscreen on my dual-boot laptop doesn't work on Ubuntu. I've been looking around to what might be causing the problems and how to solve them but I've run into a dead end. The hardware works ...
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