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Questions relating to the GNU General Public License (gpl)

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Development of Software for a client by using Open source Operating System

the software develop on Ubuntu Operating system also came under the GPL Sanctions ?? for example I Install Ubuntu Operating system I Install Visual studio code for development any software for a ...
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GPL attribution for programs that come with Ubuntu

I'm sorry if this has already been asked or made clear in documentation, but I couldn't find an answer to this. I am using an Ubuntu server to run a program and my program has a licensing page where ...
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Distribution and sale of modfied ubuntu image

I am in a position where a company is trying to sell me a modified version of Ubuntu with added proprietary binaries. They are selling it as a complete distro on a usb stick. It clearly shows UBUNTU ...
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Any way to tabulate the package name and license avail on Ubuntu repo? [duplicate]

I need to create a table with all installable packages on first column and its license in the second. e.g.: Gedit | GPL
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How to start making a non-free application?

I am wondering how is it possible somebody to make a non-free application under Ubuntu. Being an open-source programmer, I've found that in order to make even the simplest program I use libraries ...
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How to download the source packages for all installed packages?

What apt incantations do I need to use to download the source packages for all the installed packages into a directory? (The use case is GPL compliance when giving an installed Ubuntu system to ...
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How do I use GPL and MIT licenses correctly?

Since our own Alaukik asked me to put a few scripts under GPL-License I wondered if I am doing it correctly. The points that concern me are: Do I have to include the whole license with my project or ...
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Why isn't a license shown when installing (and when installing most software)?

As a former Windows user I was used to accepting EULA's and other licenses when installing any piece of software, or when installing the whole OS. On Ubuntu it happens extremely rarely (I've met it ...
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Under what license is Ubuntu? Can it be legally modified and distributed?

What license does Ubuntu fall into (GPL, MIT, a mix)? Would it be legal to modify it and redistribute my modified version?
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