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Git is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed.

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How do I show the git branch with colours in Bash prompt?

I am using this guide to show the branch name in gnome terminal (Ubuntu 15.10) when working in a git repository. Based on the above I now have the below in my ~/.bashrc file: # uncomment for a colored ...
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Is there a GUI client for Git?

I am using git for version control of various projects. Is there GUI software for navigating through commits and branches of a project and for retrieving versions in git projects?
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Really verbose way to test Git connection over SSH?

When using GIT, I have problems with using GIT over SSH, and since it works just fine both from work, and at home with a different modem, it's obviously my home modem that is acting up. I have no ...
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Enter SSH passphrase once

Before upgrade When I was running git clone git@... (using ssh) once per computer restart a window dialog appeared containing a textbox for inserting my SSH passphrase and confirmed with OK. Then the ...
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How do I install the latest version of Git with apt?

I read about a security flaw in Git, which was fixed in version 2.2.1. I currently have Git 2.1.0 on my system (Ubuntu 14.10), and tried to reinstall it with apt. However, apt told me that I currently ...
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git config global file - remove settings

The following command: $git config --global --list gives me: user I want to remove the first name. I referred to this article and have done the following commands ...
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WSL Ubuntu Distro | How to solve `Operation not permitted` on cloning repository

I am running Ubuntu 18.04, as a Subsystem for Windows. I have done this in mutliple PCs and never had this problem. I try to to git clone <repo>, and I get this: Cloning into '<repo>'... ...
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How to remove offending key in git when you try to push your changes?

I've done tons of search and tested different solutions, but gain no success! When I want to push my codes, I receive the following error: Warning: the ECDSA host key for '' ...
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What is the correct way to use git with gnome-keyring and http(s) repos?

Currently, whenever I git pull or git push to a http(s) repository, I get the following: $ git pull Username for '': Password for 'https://me@mydomain....
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"error: gnutls_handshake() failed" when connecting to https servers

When I try to connect to any HTTPS server with git, it gives the following error: error: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received. while accessing ... fatal: HTTP ...
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What are the differences between the git and git-core packages?

Why there is a git package and a git-core package? Is there any difference?
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Nautilus Git integration

Is there any equivalent to TortoiseSVN but for Ubuntu / Git? I'd like to integrate Git commands to Nautilus.
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How to start git-gui?

I've installed git-gui tool via sudo apt-get install git-gui. But how do I start it? Trying with search or git-gui command did not find and UI tool for Git.
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Upgrade Git version on Ubuntu 14.04

Can please somebody tell me what is wrong with this? I run $ sudo apt-get purge git; sudo apt-get autoremove; sudo apt-get install git Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading ...
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Setting up a git server

I've recently set up ubuntu-server on Amazon EC2. I would like to use it as my git server, so I could store my repos there. So, where can I find some detailed instructions of how to setup git on ...
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How to install git-lfs on Ubuntu 16.04?

I am trying to install git-lfs package and it looks like expected paths are not Ubuntu friendly. From Downloads section of git-lfs I choose Linux AMD64 file name git-lfs-freebsd-amd64-1.2.1.tar.gz, ...
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How to clone only some directories from a git repository?

For example, I want to download PCL 3d_rec_framework. This is the git repository of PCL: How can I download this directory?
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Is it bad practice to git init in the $home directory to keep track of dot files?

I want to backup and sync my dotfiles using github. Since all the dotfiles resides in $home by default, should I just git init in my $home folder, or is that a bad idea? Having performed git init in $...
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Difference between installing git vs installing git-all

What's the difference between sudo apt-get install git-all vs sudo apt-get install git Is there any advantage of installing either or all?
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How to access a git repository using SSH?

I have the public key. I think this is needed for the SSH connection to the server where the git repo is located. Now I don't know how to get the code. Can someone please tell me the complete ...
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Why do I get this warning from Gnome keyring in Xubuntu?

I have installed xubuntu-desktop ontop of a stock Ubuntu installation. When using ssh, or more specifically git, I always get this warning WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-...
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How can I get GPG Agent to cache my password?

I'm a developer, and I commonly sign my Git commits with my GPG key. I've been able to get GPG Agent working properly on OSX so that it only asks me for my password once per day, but I'm having ...
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How to fix processing with runit and git-daemon-run

I'm trying to install Django using sudo apt-get install python-django But I'm getting error Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done python-...
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How to alias 'git' to 'g' so that bash-completion rules are preserved?

If I do this: alias g='git' I loose all completion rules (i.e. branches and remotes are no longer being automatically completed when I hit TAB after typing, for example g push o).
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youtube-dl from git no longer available

Right now I would download a small video from walkthroug from a game. so I started with alex@Guilmon:~/Videos$ sudo youtube-dl -U ERROR: can't find the current version. Please try again later. alex@...
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Creating a Git repo at / (root) for tracking settings?

So I use Git mostly for development purposes, but I just realized that I could use it for storing versions of the settings files I have on my Ubuntu installation. My proposed setup is: git init a ...
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How to setup a Git server? [duplicate]

I am trying to setup a Git server could. Can anyone tell me how to set up a Git server, so that client machines can connect to that server and make use of Git version control for their projects... ...
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E: Unable to locate package git

I am trying to install git, I used sudo apt-get install git command and it results: E: Unable to locate package git This question have been asked by many people but not a single answer has fixed my ...
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ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

So I followed the guide on how to add a SSH key to GitHub, and added a new SSH key with a passphrase to GitHub and the SSH agent. Now, if I run ssh -T g[email protected] as described in the guide to test ...
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"Unable to connect to Upstart" error when installing git-all

I am using 15.04. So I'm working with git and I installed the standard version. I set up the ssh keys and was able to clone one of my repositories to the correct folder. Everything was working great ...
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Can I scroll to new lines using mouse wheel inside git diff?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 default terminal (it's GNOME I believe?) The problem I'm facing is that when I use git diff command to inspect my local changes I can scroll up/down using the mouse wheel, but ...
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How to use multiple ssh keys with different accounts and hosts

i have multiple ssh keys and i have also have account on bitbucket and github. how when ever i use pull it gives me error :/var/www/proj$ git pull origin master conq: repository access denied. fatal:...
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Change git's language to English without changing the locale

My locale is German. LANG=de_DE.UTF-8. I would like to keep it. Is it possible to change git's language to English without changing the locale?
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Prepend current git branch in terminal [duplicate]

How can I configure the terminal to display the current git branch? I'd like to see the second line rather than the first: andy@bob:~/my_projects/project_x$ (master)~/my_projects/project_x$ I don'...
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Git on Launchpad

I develop most of my code in Git repos, now that I've become slightly more active on Launchpad I've started picking up Bazaar which has two "small" difference from Git's workflow that ride against how ...
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How do I submit a patch to a Launchpad project?

With a Git/GitHub background and knowing very little about Bazaar VCS, I would like to occasionally report a bug to projects hosted on Launchpad, and even send a patch. I'd like to do it in a "proper"...
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Gitkraken won't open gui

When I try to run gitkraken, the app does not open. This is a brand new installation of Ubuntu 18.04. When run in the terminal it puts out this: Gtk-Message: 23:23:20.033: Failed to load module "...
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How do you install hub (git wrapper) on Ubuntu with autocomplete and man documentation working?

According to the official docs you just download a pre-compiled binary but this would leave things like man documentation and autocompletion not working.
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key_load_public: invalid format with scp or git clone on Ubuntu 15.10

After a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.10, when using scp or git clone, I get the following warning (the command itself doesn't fail): key_load_public: invalid format How can I get rid of this warning? ...
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How do I setup SSH key based authentication for GitHub by using ~/.ssh/config file?

I am trying to set up my SSH keys for GitHub and created a new SSH key for the same. I have managed to setup the SSH key but I wish to retain these settings and save them in the configuration file ~/....
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Using Git as off-line alternative for Dropbox

I am working with lots of text files daily and I use Dropbox as a way to restore earlier versions of files in case something goes wrong. I am looking for simple way to suplement/replace Dropbox in ...
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Trouble setting up git error: could not lock config file

I'm getting this error when trying to set the global config: $ git config --global "Your Name Here" error: could not lock config file /pathto/file/.gitconfig: No such file or directory and ...
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Intellij unable to fetch from git

I've cloned an existing git repository. Git is working fine when I pull using command line. However, when I try doing the same from Intellij, it says Fetch failed. Fatal : Could not read from remote ...
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How to execute a Bash script from Github?

Say this I have the following file in a Git repository in Github (or BitBucket for that matter) named my_cool_repo. The file is a script used to install ConfigServer's well known CSF-...
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upgrade git on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

I currently have Git installed but need to upgrade to (at least). I tried running: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade and also tried sudo apt-get install git-core but each ...
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Can't install GitKraken

I just installed GitKraken (A Git GUI) by downloading it from the website. When I try to install it via 'Discover Center', it doesn't work. So I found somewhere online the command dpkg -i [filename], ...
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Which is the best git client for linux? [closed]

I am moving out of a windows enviroment where i used Tortoise Git. I heard linux git clients are pretty poor... can you guys help me finding a good one?
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tortoisegit for ubuntu

Are there any alternatives to ToroiseGIT for Ubuntu? I'm looking for something to integrate GIT with nautilus in the context menu. Like TortoiseHG used to (replaced with HG scripts)
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How do I get "Quickly" to use Git?

How do I get Quickly to use Git as its default version control instead of Bazaar?
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git branch not showing branches in terminal?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and Git 2.7.4. I just did git init and then git branch but nothing appears at all: ~/node/uui$ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /home/alex/node/uui/.git/ ~/node/...
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